5 Major Obstacles that Change Leadership Coaches Help Businesses to Overcome During Organizational Transition

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Companies searching for an edge during tough economic times are turning to change leadership specialists for guidance on improving performance. Tom Flick Communications offers tools for organizations navigating change in a hyper-competitive, worldwide economy.

Times are tough, with businesses struggling in a hyper-competitive, shrinking economy. Just as important as determining what direction a company is heading, is how it goes about implementing change to get there. That’s where change leadership speaker, Tom Flick, of Tom Flick Communications, and his change leadership coaches can help.

Utilizing concepts from organizational change specialist Dr. John Kotter, Flick’s change leadership coaches help guide organizations through the transition by providing an independent perspective that is crucial to objective evaluations. Their success or failure rests on bringing workers and management together for mutual gain. Unfortunately, this is no easy task.

There are 5 common problems that Tom Flick Communications’ change leadership coaches are ideally suited to solve because of their unique perspective. This perspective is most important for uncovering deep ceded mistrust and biases that often play a key role in inhibiting production. Bringing productivity impediments to light is the only way for companies to get to the core issues holding them back.

1. Poor Communication
Everything starts with effective communication. Change leadership coaches help repair lines of communication between individuals, teams and management. Solving all other productivity issues is heavily dependent on fostering a healthy and respectful environment for the communication of ideas.

2. Alignment Issues
Getting an entire organization to row in the same direction, with the same tempo, is what management is all about. If it were as easy as beating a drum in time, correcting productivity issues would be simple…but it isn’t. Setting meaningful goals that motivate on an organizational level requires the objectivity that change leadership coaches can provide. Harnessing this power is what they are all about.

3. Factions and Politics
Aligning an organization can help to eliminate unproductive self-interest by re-affirming a team mentality, making factions within a company meaningless. With the unique perspective of an independent change leadership specialist, identifying unfair politics and the factions that they produce can restore confidence within a company.

4. Efficiency Issues
A change leadership coach can also help to improve productivity by identifying unnecessary bottlenecks. In difficult economic times, more must be done with less, but that takes not only an increase in labor but also an incremental increase in the clarity of management. Obtaining greater output is not a matter of working harder but finding organizational ways to work smarter as a unit.

5. Leadership and Accountability
Leadership has a deep association with change. By having experts in change, there to assist transitioning, a company can fix leadership issues at the source. A leadership structure that is truly connected to the workforce, with clearly defined and meaningful goals, inspires an unparalleled sense of accountability. The independent perspective of change leadership coaches is quickly becoming the most effective way to achieve this.

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