CINSAY Releases Dynamic Analytical Tools to Enhance and Optimize Smart Store™ Technology for its Social Video Commerce Platform

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Cinsay’s newest expansion of their Business Intelligence SaaS-based software and dynamic in-depth analytics dashboard provides merchants with the most powerful, reporting for conversions, views, Smart Store™ shares, transactions, impressions and ecommerce revenues.

Cinsay Analytics

Cinsay provides merchants with an in-depth, stats-packed, analytics tool for their ecommerce store.

Cinsay, a leader in social video commerce technology has announced today release of a new CMS and Smart Store™ API interface for analytics. The world’s first-ever technology measures and reports on analytics far beyond any other ecommerce solution on the market today. Merchants can now access in-depth statistics on conversions, views, and social media and email Smart Store shares, transactions, impressions and ecommerce revenues as well as GEO location data, browser and OS platform access.

Features and Use

Cinsay’s Phase 1 API gives the framework for the exposure of the current private API calls that are being used every day between the Magento engine and the Cinsay platform. This effort also includes security considerations by developing the framework for authentication and authorization for use of the API's outside of the Cinsay domain so that usage of these API's can be controlled and verified. Auditing and logging of API usage was also developed to assist monitoring and controlling consumption of the API's. Beyond the infrastructure elements, Phase 1 utilized the first wave of published Statistics API calls, which retrieves the Stats data as displayed in the new Dashboard(s) mentioned below. Also, the first implementation of the public facing CMS API calls related to products or items have been implemented which would allow a third party to insert, update, or delete items from a container or store.

Phase II of Product Releases

Cinsay’s forthcoming new round of releases will include exposure of CMS based API functions that will allow third parties the ability to manage their stores, videos, images, products and containers externally. This will give them the ability to integrate the Cinsay platform with their Content, Product, or Catalog systems.

Analytics Phase 1

Cinsay’s CMS Analytics Dashboard has been completely overhauled and upgraded. Previously, the focus has been on transactions, impressions, and views. The new dashboard is aligned with Cinsay’s brand, message, and our core business approach pillars of Attract, Interact, and Transact.

Features and Use

The Dashboard has the ability to be ‘date driven’. The client or admin can look at date range or a single day. The Dashboard can also be for an individual container or all containers within an account. This provides a great way to determine which containers are the most effective when compared with all of the containers. The various charts are also interactive. The client or admin can mouse over the different graphical elements to reveal in a light-box perspective, the value for that element. On the conversions pie chart, the mouse over will show the product breakdown. Data elements are polled daily so that current stats will populate the dashboard and be visible the following day.

Cinsay’s Four Key Dashboard Elements

The Summary Dashboard rolls up the main elements of all of the dashboards. This report indicates overall container performance over time, including container views, container shares and gross revenue. Each ‘time slice’ is a single days’ worth of events. Gross revenue includes Commerce and donation revenue.

The Summary Dashboard consists of: Line graph showing Total Gross Revenue, Total Container Visits, and Total Container Shares. Bar chart of Top Sites Viewed - indicates the top five (5) web locations that containers are hosted by embed code. Views by ‘GEO Location’ are interactive via the cursor as States in the map of the United States are viewed to show where the player has been accessed. ‘Performance Ratios’ summarize the key container performance ratios such as how many product views per container visit; how many container shares per container visit; how many conversions per container visit. The ‘Pie Chart of Conversions by Product type’ breaks-down all container conversions by product types: eCommerce, Lead, Take Action, and Donation

The Attract Dashboard focuses on analytic data points to help understand and tell the story of container visibility, video analytics, interaction, and user origination analytics. This report summarizes overall container performance over time with an emphasis on ‘Cinsay Attract’ statistics: container loads, product views and video views. Each ‘time slice’ view is a single days worth of events. The Attract Dashboard consists of: Line graph showing Total Video Views, Total Container Visits, Total Item Views, and Total Container Views Totals for Total Visitors, Unique Visitors, Item Views, Video Views, and Mean (Average) Seconds Videos Viewed.

These metrics are a great indication of 'stickiness' and attraction. Online videos are not usually viewed for long and the measurement of ‘mean seconds’ viewed provides a great indication of video interest. ‘Views by GEO Location’ will provide a view of States in the United States where the container users originate. ‘Views Ratios’ summarizes container attract view ratios such as video views per visit, product views per visit, transactions per visit, product views per video view, and transactions per video view Browser and OS Summary (which will show two pie charts: 1 - Ratio of browsers used. 2 - Operating System of user). This tool is a great indication of growth and popularity of consumer environments utilizing the container. The ‘Interact Dashboard’ focuses on how the container is being consumed, shared, and the ability to compare how the container is performing viral or direct. Direct or Embed views and conversions vs. viral views and conversions that originate from shared or social sites. The ‘Interact Dashboard’ consists of: Line graph showing Total Embed Shares, Total Social Shares, Total Container Shares, and Total Email Shares

This portion summarizes overall container performance over time with an emphasis on Cinsay Interact statistics: container shares, social network site shares, email shares, and embeds. Each ‘time slice’ is a single days’ worth of events. ‘Top Social Sharing Sites’ will summarize the top social five networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) where containers are shared to from within the container. ‘Shares by GEO location’ give view of States in the US where the containers were shared. ‘Ratios of Shares’ gives Shares per Container Visit, Shares per Video View, Shares per Item View, and Conversion per Container Visit. Direct vs. Viral provides a breakdown of views and conversions for both direct and viral interactions with the container. Direct will summarize container performance when loaded directly (not loaded from a shared link from the Smart Store) Viral - (TBD) - summarizes container performance when loaded virally (loaded from a shared link from the container). The ‘Transact Dashboard’ focuses on how well the container is performing and driving conversions for the products within the various Containers. The ‘Transact Dashboard’ consists of: Line graph showing Gross Revenue, Gross Donation Revenue, and Gross eCommerce Revenue. Total Actions gives view of action and lead transactions including Take Action Transactions, Take Action Transactions per Visit, Take Action Transactions per Video View, Total Lead Transactions, Lead Transactions per Visit, Lead Transactions per Video View Revenue by GEO Location gives a show of total revenue for a state within a map of the US. Revenue breakdowns show Gross Revenue per Container Visit, Gross Revenue per Video View, Mean Revenue per Transaction, and Mean Products per eCommerce transaction. Revenue, Shipping and Refunds gives bar chart of Direct and Viral Revenue by Product Type. At the bottom, there is a line graph of transactions over time of Donation, Take Action, Lead, and eCommerce transaction.

New Cinsay Smart Store product releases are coming out next month and will be featured in an additional, technical release. For more information on these and other new product features and our 24/7 customer support, please visit…

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