The Detox Shop Reaffirms The Need For Colon Care

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The colon is goodness in, badness out. If that cycle fails serious problems may follow. Whilst new research into genetics is fascinating, it provides no safety for your colon health and individuals are advised to continue with current best practices in colon care.

Home enema kit

Home enema kit

Once constipation starts, toxicity builds up in the body and it's only a matter of time before symptoms of one sort or another start to be experienced

As the US National Institute of Health (NIH) issues a study showing that colon and rectal tumours are the same type of cancer, The Detox Shop reaffirm the NIH's words that taking this new data and translating it into actionable strategies for detection or treatment may take many years. The need to take care of our colons is as real as ever today and individuals should take action if they experience constipation.

"In this day and age, the colon has many enemies," spoke a Detox Shop representative. "It's not just that we eat too much of the wrong things and so get clogged up, we also have too much salt, we have pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals entering the colon with our diet, we have too much time spent sitting and all of these factors and more can lower our health and immune function. Once constipation starts, toxicity builds up in the body and it's only a matter of time before symptoms of one sort or another start to be experienced."

Individuals are advised that help is on hand. Some best practices for those experiencing constipation include:

1 - Try to move your body. Mild exercise like gardening, Yoga or Tai Chi causes the body to help the passage of waste pass down the colon

2 - Drink more water and cut back on salt, caffeine and alcohol. Dehydration is a common player in constipation.

3 - Eat celery regularly. The nutrients in it aid peristalsis (the rippling motion inside the colon that pushes waste out)

4 - Use a home enema kit whenever you haven't passed waste naturally for a day. These inexpensive aids require only some pure water to help you instantly evacuate the colon of waste and toxins.

5 - Take probiotics daily. These should be in capsule form rather than from anything sweet and they'll help replenish the friendly bacteria that are killed by chemicals in your colon as well as regular attrition.

Always let your physician or GP know if you consistently suffer from constipation. Although many causes, like dehydration, are temporary, sometimes constipation can be the symptom of a more serious dysfunction.

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