Saga Launches Into Public Beta, First-Ever Intelligent Companion to Measure and Improve Quality of Life

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App eliminates check-ins, automatically logs location and behavioral activity, provides adaptive recommendations and surfaces personal achievements; now available on iOS devices, Android coming soon.

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Saga is your digital sidekick – it actually gets to know you, and then tells you what you need, when you need it, without ever having to ask.

A.R.O, Inc. today launched Saga, the first ever intelligent companion app that helps users get more out of life, into public Beta for iOS. The app is now available to download for free in the iTunes app store here.

Saga ambiently monitors location and activities to surface important information about the present, record daily life achievements, and intuitively make recommendations based on needs or wants in any given circumstance. Saga also rewards users with “experience points” to help them quantify their quality of life and encourage them to live outside of the daily grind.

Visually, upon opening the app, users will see a heads-up display of pertinent information about their present circumstance, including but not limited to: weather, current location, stay duration, and hyper-local businesses. Scrolling down into the past, users can visually explore where they have been and why it was significant through infographics and statistics. Moving up the timeline, through the present and into the future, Saga will make personalized recommendations based on what users may need to know or want, taking into consideration an understanding of what they have done in the past.

"Saga is the robot buddy we always wanted growing up. And Saga is the first app in new breed of virtual companions that will meaningfully improve our quality of life,” said Andy Hickl, CEO and co-founder of A.R.O.. “We’ve been building Saga for over a year now and it’s an exciting time to debut. We’re seeing a new category of apps today that understand location in context, on their own, and adapt and learn as they go. We’re moving beyond assistants, to companions. Saga is your digital sidekick – it actually gets to know you, and then tells you what you need, when you need it, without ever having to ask.”

Many location-based technologies today rely heavily on GPS that can often be inaccurate, especially when indoors. Saga circumvents these technical hurdles by marrying multiple data sources gathered from the sensors in smart phones and data gathered about users’ routines, to determine a more accurate approximation of location and activity without any user input. Saga can even pinpoint locations within a building, automatically.

Saga connects accurate location with important context to provide the most relevant information, when needed, without the user having to ask. Saga may warn of rain in the next 10 minutes, or remind that it’s time for lunch and a bookmarked restaurant is around the corner, or alert that 20 minutes was successfully shaved off a commute this week with a new route.

Core features include:

--Recommendations: Saga offers up adaptive suggestions and recommendations that are customized to each user based on personal preferences, bookmarked plans, time available, friends’ plans and current popular happenings.

--Weather: Saga’s hyper-local weather forecasting provide real-time accurate updates on current conditions, down to a few minutes leveraging DarkSky technology. Saga may warn of rain in the next 10 minutes and give you the approximate duration of the storm.

--Traffic: Saga keeps track of current traffic conditions and informs of the best route to take.

--Travel info: Saga lets you know about the stuff you might need when you’re on the road like the next restroom stop after a few hours, or the next restaurant around lunchtime.

--Events: Saga alerts of upcoming events from popular plans this evening to the upcoming concert of a favorite band to the next match of the local soccer team.

--Integrations: Saga offers optional integrations with a number of popular lifestyle apps including RunKeeper, mobile travel organizer TripIt, Withings and Fitbit. When authorized, relevant user data, like run times, calories burned or trip itineraries, will be integrated into the Saga history feed.

Future versions of Saga will focus on sharing of information between friends, whether that be location or recommendations based on mutual interests.

Until now, the A.R.O. team has been working with a small group of hand-selected beta testers. Saga is available on iOS today in the App Store and will be available in the Android Market in the coming weeks.

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About Saga

Saga is the first-ever intelligent companion app designed to help users get more out of life.

Saga is the simplest way to keep track of places visited and the things done without ever having to check-in. Saga keep tracks of noteworthy achievements and builds a comprehensive life history while enhancing your life along the way.

Saga was founded in June 2011 and is a product of A.R.O, based in Seattle. Our team is 18 people and we’re privately funded today.

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About A.R.O., Inc.

A.R.O., Inc., a slightly stealthy Seattle start-up, that builds apps to help users lead happier, healthier, and generally more amazing lives. A.R.O. was founded on the belief that apps should be positive forces for change — whether that’s changing one’s own habits or taking small steps to make the world a better place to hang out in for a while.

The A.R.O. team is assembled of developers, designers, dreamers of dreams, Quantified Selfers, sensor geeks, mad scientists, and usability wonks.

Find out more about A.R.O. and their current products, Bubbleator and Saga at

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