Affine Rebrands as SET; Empowers Advertisers to Replicate TV Buys Online

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Industry-leading classification technology lets advertisers buy and sell by category and at scale. SET offers best way to ensure ads run on high-quality, brand-compliant online video content.

"With our new service, brands can finally take control of their online video buys and get quality placements at the network scale they need," said Michael Mathieu, CEO of SET.

SET, a digital video technology company (formerly named Affine), today announced that it has launched a new service that enables brand advertisers to buy online video by content type similar to the way traditional TV is purchased. Powered by SET’s industry leading classification technology, the premium service provides brands with access to billions of previously unclassified impressions. SET's granular targeting capabilities enable show-specific and personality-specific buying, giving TV-like control over the digital video content they sponsor. For the first time, advertisers can prove every impression ran on high quality content with SET’s unique video level reporting solution.

While millions of people watch thousands of videos online every day, advertisers are hesitant to increase their online spend because of the lack of granular visibility into the video content itself. By contrast, brands continue to spend more than $60 billion on TV spots; not just because of their relative effectiveness, but because they have 100 percent clarity on the content they sponsor.

SET’s new service bridges this gap between TV and online by enabling brands to replicate their TV buys online. For example, if an advertiser sponsors America’s Got Talent on TV, SET can target all addressable ancillary content online, including the show, the judges, the contestants, and any similar content, giving a far greater share of voice.

"In a video world where consumers have more choices, the key to reaching them is content,” said Gibbs Haljun, MD – GroupM. “Just because something is available, doesn’t mean that consumers will watch and engage with it. Compelling content is what drives the ecosystem and it is why media outlets continue to produce high end quality programming, even though there is a high likelihood of failure."

SET is able to provide an unprecedented level of data, insight and targeting with:

  •     Proprietary Classification Technology: Until now, there hasn’t been a way to know for certain, the exact content in a video. SET’s classification technology scans videos frame by frame telling brands exactly what content is inside a video. The platform can even distinguish the difference between soccer, cooking, or a rock concert; down to the details of what the video is about and who is in it.
  •     Billions of Video Impressions Available: Most ad dollars are only spent on about 15 percent of online video (HULU, FOX, CBS). SET works with several premium networks and Real Time Bidding (RTB) systems which enables SET to sit on the other 85 percent of inventory searching for premium content that can be identified and categorized. With access to billions of impressions, SET can serve up a buy across publishers and networks, to give brands the scale they need.
  •     Free Verification Data (with any ad buy): Verification companies make advertisers pay for player context data -- after an impression is served. This defeats the purpose of providing player context data, which is to ensure an advertiser sponsors only the highest quality environments. SET ensures that ads only run on high-quality content by targeting location and size of player, length of content, autoplay vs. user-initiated content, and high-definition vs. standard definition content.
  •     TheSheet: While most networks only provide advertisers with a list of domains their ads ran on, SET offers customers a Tear Sheet that shows exactly which videos they sponsored, the kind of environment they ran in and that the content is brand-safe. Brands can even see which slot their ads ran in, just like they can with TV.

“Brands know that online video is a huge, untapped gold mine. They just haven’t had an easy and effective way to sponsor online content that is brand compliant,” said Michael Mathieu, CEO of SET. “With our new service, brands can finally take control of their online video buys and get quality placements at the network scale they need.”

SET's inclusion of media and rebrand follows the company's strategic goals by giving customers straight-forward control over their media buys. The company will continue to support and grow its data partner offering however, with more focused partnerships. Along with this, SET works with networks and publishers to categorize content and ensure value to customers. To learn more about SET’s offerings please e-mail info(at)set(dot)tv.

About SET

SET breaks the digital advertising mold. Envisioned by technologists with hands-on experience in online advertising, SET empowers brands to replicate TV buys online. The company’s proprietary classification technology paired with access to billions of previously unclassified impressions, enables brands to buy and sell by category and at scale. This ensures ads run on high-quality, brand-compliant online video content. In addition to advertisers, SET works with networks and publishers around the world and has offices in San Francisco and New York. The company is funded by Highland Capital Partners and Crosslink Capital. For more information, visit

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