ONES in a Lifetime Announces 2012 Initiatives to Connect the World, ONE PEACE at a Time

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With the Olympic Games serving as a fine example of how the world can come together in a peaceful manner, enjoying a point of commonality and excitement and friendly competition, Ones in a Lifetime continues to "Connect the World, ONE PEACE at a Time" through a series of critical liasons and initiatives.

Ones in a Lifetime

Connect the World, ONE PEACE at a Time

With the stark contrast between the pageantry and celebration of the Olympic Games, and areas of violence and conflict throughout the world, a group of dedicated individuals and organizations are joining together to redefine "peace". Through a number of announced initiatives, this growing group is continuing the mission to "Connect the World, ONE PEACE at a Time."

This global initiative began with a redefinition of "peace" from simply being an "absence of conflict" to being a combination of critical ingredients in four major areas: wellness, education, connection, and opportunity. Upon redefinition, it became obvious that virtually every organization doing good work in the world was ultimately part of the global peace process. WIth all the critical ingredients in place, a lasting peace can be achieved, because societies who are fed and well, educated, connected with the rest of the world, and have opportunity to contribute to the global community do not go to war.

"Recent advances in communication technology have revealed a new pathway to peace. With the growth of social media like Twitter and Facebook, and availability of smart-phone technology, we enter into an era where virtually anyone on the planet can connect with anyone else on the planet, says founder Dan Shutt. "Language translation software has eroded communication barriers even further, making them almost negligible. Organizations can deliver charity more efficiently, and real-time updates place the impact of contribtions right before the eyes of the contributors. In this manner, everyone can become engaged in the process of positive change."

An excellent example of the result of communication technology advances is, an organization dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to everyone on earth. By utilizing the communication technology advances, has been able to develop a "100% model" for contributors, where every dollar of donation goes directly to the field in the form of well projects, and these results can be seen in virtual real-time as gps tracking permits contributors to monitor the success of their particular projects. This endeavor fits into the wellness aspect of global peace.

Another initiative is a crucial liaison with the "11Eleven Project" which was founded by Danielle Lauren in Australia, and developed by individuals all around our world. The project collected input from individuals in 179 countries in pictures, video, audio and written word, sharing the experience globally on 11/11/11. The resultant film project is slated for screenings across the world one year later, on 11/11/12. More information can be found at the 11Eleven Project website. By collecting and sharing this human anthology, the 11Eleven Project will not only demonstrate the unity of humanity, but also promote 6 worthy charities with proceeds from their non-profit endeavor. Ones in a Lifetime is a proud affiliate and sponsor of the 11Eleven Project. According to the 11Eleven Project Founder, Danielle Lauren, "Having united people from 179 countries around the world I feel blessed enough to have experienced the possibility of human collaboration. For the first time in history we have the chance to unite as one - this is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss." This endeavor fits into the communication aspect of world peace, as sharing experiences with other cultures reveals commonalities while celebrating uniqueness.

Ones in a Lifetime was originated as a fun party idea building towards the time 11:11:11 on the date 11/11/11 to celebrate globally that, like that unique time and date, we are all "1" in our humanity. From the fun idea came visitors and members from 149 different countries all sharing the experience. This event became the "grand opening" of the much larger and longer endeavor to continue to "Connect the World, One Peace at a Time." Using translation software, members are chatting in their own language with other members around the world, and with the chat feature translates up to 50 different languages in real time. Members also can use the video chat feature to put the face of reality on their contacts. Membership on the site is free and fun, and the founders hope to use this growing community to engage peace organizations in a central location to effect real and meaningful change.

In addition to the connection with these initiatives, Ones in a Lifetime members are engaging with organizations including Feed the Children, the United Nations Culture of Peace Initiative, Peace One Day, and others to create a synergistic result. Not only are members connecting with those organizations directly, and see real visible results of their contributions of effort and currency, but the Ones in a Lifetime website is creating a platform for like minded individuals and organizations to focus and plan specific areas to promote peace. "Peace has critical ingredients, including wellness (food and medicine), education, connection / communication, and opportunity," says Dan Shutt. "By involving organizations participating in all the areas for peace, a plan can be developed and put in motion." More information can be found by contacting info(at)onesinalifetime(dot)com or visiting the website.

PEACE in our time ... it's up to us.

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