CKO Kickboxing in Seattle Launches its First 10 Week Ultimate Body Challenge

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Setting specific fitness goals is crucial to attaining one's ideal body image. CKO Kickboxing's 10 Week Challenge is geared towards helping individuals lose weight through a goal-oriented regimen which involves goal setting, nutrition coaching and kickboxing.

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"wanting to lose a specific amount of weight is just about the worst fitness goal you can have”.

Building a dream home is both exciting and challenging. First, the house must be visualized and designed with as much specific detail as possible. It then requires a lot of planning and tracking of meticulous phases to help keep the end product in sight. An architect is not just told to design a big beautiful house and then left to the architect's imagination. The same should apply to setting one's own fitness goals. The reason most people never reach their full potential physically is because they do not have a clear idea of want it is that they want to achieve. “If you don’t know where it is you want to go, you will never arrive at your desired destination” says Garett Renon, head instructor of CKO Kickboxing’s Seattle location. Garett has noticed this trend over the years being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Most people have very general fitness goals such as, “get in shape”, “improve cardio”, or “lose weight”. The problem with these types of goals is that they are not specific and non-specific goals are extremely hard to track.

Garett says that the most common goal he hears is to “just lose some weight”. Some clients will even specify a specific amount such as 30 lbs. This may sound like a great goal, but the client is actually setting themself up for failure. According to Garett,“wanting to lose a specific amount of weight is just about the worst fitness goal you can have”. The reason is because the number reflected on a scale, in general, is not a great measurement for determining one’s overall health and body composition. What most people really mean when they say they want to lose 30-lbs is that they want to lose a specific amount of body fat.

Body weight is determined by one’s muscles, bones, fat and even hydration level. So losing 30-lbs at the expense of muscle mass, bone density, and/or risking dehydration is not only detrimental to one’s health but it is also extremely un-flattering to one’s sex appeal (a big reason people workout in the first place). A much better goal is to aim for a certain body fat percentage. A classification of body fat levels for both women and men can be seen below:

Body Fat for woman
Athletic= 12-21%
Healthy = 22-25%

Body Fat for Men
Athletic= 5-13%
Healthy = 14-18%

Measuring body fat is a great measurement. However getting a true measurement of one’s body fat is very tricky. The most common methods include calipers (skin fold), water submersion, and electronic devices. The problem with these methods is that they are inconvenient, intrusive, subject to user error, expensive, and/or in accurate. In Garett’s opinion the best and easiest method is a good old fashion tape measure.
Body weight does not tell the whole story however inches do not lie! Garett gives a perfect example of this:
“I was training a client and after two months she did not lose a single pound. She did however lose 4-inches off her waist! She not only looked better, she dropped a few dress sizes and had to buy an entirely new wardrobe. If however, we were basing progress on body weight alone she probably would have fired me.”

When a person exercises they lose fat while simultaneously building muscle and increasing bone density. Although the number on the scale may not move, both the visual and measureable (body tape/body fat) results are undeniable!

So then what are some good fitness goals? Well of course that all depends on the person. Some examples are:

  •     Lose (fill in the blank) number of inches off of body
  •     Dropping pants or dress sizes
  •     Increasing the max number of push-ups or pull-ups
  •     Finishing a kickboxing class without needing extra breaks

There are an infinite amount of fitness related goals. The best way to set a goal is to have a specific measurement in a set amount of time. For example, drop two pants sizes in 6-months. It is also recommended to have both long term and short term goals. A long term goal is the “big picture” goal, for example get into the athletic range of body fat with-in one year. Short term goals help in terms of motivation, as progress can be seen relatively soon. Short term goals should be easier to obtain, fun, while not allowing one to lose sight of the long term goal.

CKO kickboxing Seattle will be holding its first ever 10-week challenge that will begin on September 10, 2012 and run thru November 17, 2012. This program combines nutrition counseling, fitness goal setting, kickboxing and the ability to kick start a journey to a healthier and sexier body. Not to mention, this is a great chance to drop some inches before the holiday “food fest” season starts! The 10 week program was originally launched in the very first CKO Kickboxing location in Hoboken, NJ. The program was successful in helping members lose close to 100 pounds. Residents in Seattle will now have this same great opportunity to enroll in this program.

Garett has been training clients for years and has become an expert at helping people reach their ideal body type, become more functionally fit and healthier human beings.
Garett can be reached at:
CKO Kickboxing Seattle

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