Increased Government Funding Needed to Fight Hypertension, Says Hypnotension

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Those concerned with the effects of hypertension understand the lifestyle changes that need to be made to reduce the risks, but some of those changes, such as losing weight are hard for individuals to accomplish on their own and for this reason demand for government programmes to influence lifestyle changes are increasing worldwide.

It is much cheaper in the long run to treat the cause rather than to put them on drugs for the rest of their lives.

The founders of the Hypnotension Programme, an international body dedicated to fighting hypertension, have called on world governments to set aside funding to help sufferers of high blood pressure to change their lifestyles and lead healthier lives.

Hypnotension co-creator, Rob Woodgate, says, “The various national hypertension awareness campaigns have accomplished great things in raising awareness of the dangers of hypertension and the risk factors that cause this deadly disease, but to fully achieve the goal of reducing the risks of hypertension, hypertension sufferers also need help in changing their lifestyle habits. This is such a massive problem that we are calling on world governments to increase funding to help people do just that.”

Lifestyle factors play a significant role in over 90% of cases of hypertension, but motivating individuals to make changes is very hard.

Hypnotension co-creator, Paul Howard, says, "The body wants to remain consistent and stable over time - called homeostasis - so it resists any attempt to lose weight or get fit. This is why many people rebound as soon as they stop dieting and lose motivation to go to the gym."

In order to battle hypertension effectively the founders of the Hypnotension Programme are convinced that government funding to help motivate individuals to make lifestyle changes is imperative. There are things that can be done at a psychological level that are cheap, effective and although the treatment is short-term, the effects can last a lifetime.

Paul Howard, continues, “It is much cheaper in the long run to treat the cause rather than to put them on drugs for the rest of their lives, which can have serious side effects. Think of the money that will be saved, not just on the drugs, but on the hospital visits, G.P. checkups, equipment and possibly life saving surgery to deal with heart problems in the future. So much money is spent on cure when really prevention is so far better.”

The Hypnotension Programme is designed to help individuals battle the effects of hypertension and change their lives. The programme puts the patient back in control by identifying and addressing the lifestyle factors that contribute to hypertension. The programme uses cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching to make high blood pressure a thing of the past.

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