Solid Apollo LED Company will be presenting LED Technology at the 2012 Seattle Home Show Oct. 5-7 and the 2012 Everett Fall Home show Sept. 28-30

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North Seattle LED lighting company Solid Apollo will be presenting LED lighting technology at both the Seattle Fall Home Show and the Everett Fall Home Show to exhibit new, cutting edge LED products and inform people interested in the limitless possibilities LED Lighting has to offer.



We at Solid Apollo look forward to greeting each and every person interested in LED Lighting. We are excited to share the world of LED Lighting with people who share our passion!

Anyone interested in the new technology of LED Lighting will be excited to hear that Solid Apollo LED, a leader in the global LED market, is presenting LED Technology at the Seattle and Everett Fall Home Shows. Starting Friday September 28th-30th with the Everett Show and finishing October 5th-7th at the Seattle Home Show, it is going to be an action packed two weeks of informative and compelling displays with new products and techniques in LED lighting and control systems.

End users will have the possibility to see new and exciting LED products not sold in any stores. Solid Apollo has a myriad of incredibly well made, high-end LED Lighting Products and LED Control Systems that contain proprietary circuitry, software and components not found anywhere else on the market. At the Fall Home Shows, anyone that would like to personally experience the magic and wonder that LED Lights can produce will have the opportunity to do so. Each person coming to the Solid Apollo LED Display Booth will receive a complimentary gift! This special offer will ONLY be available for Home Show attendees so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

"We at Solid Apollo look forward to greeting each and every person interested in LED Lighting. We are excited to share the world of LED Lighting with people who share our passion!" Manuel Barquin, CEO.

Solid Apollo encourages everyone to come out and play with the products that are making a difference in the world today. This technology is no longer a far off dream, available only to big businesses and government agencies. For the first time LED technology is available to EVERYONE at a price that is competitive to existing lighting systems! LED technology is here to stay and is currently available to the consumer for in-home use. Now is the chance to experience the lighting revolution that is the future of green energy!

LED lighting is energy efficient, 80% more efficient than incandescent lights, and is made from components that are easily disposable, non-toxic and even recyclable!

A single 16.4ft LED Light Strip from Solid Apollo uses 24 Watts of electricity and produces 1300 Lumens. That is 56.25 Lumens of light/Watt of electricity. A 60 Watt incandescent light bulb at 850 Lumen typically produces 14.16 Lumens of light/Watt of electricity. It would take FOUR(4) traditional 60W bulbs to equal the Lumen output of one LED Strip. That is equal to 240 Watts of electricity for the incandescent bulb compared to 24W of electricity for the LED strip at the same light output. That is ten times less energy for the LED than the energy needed per day to run the incandescent bulb! If energy is $0.25kWh, imagine taking your current lighting bill and dividing that number by TEN(10) every month!

The savings on electricity offset the cost of ownership in a very short period of time, meaning that implementing LED lights are a fantastic way to speed your ROI. While CFL bulbs may reduce the amount of energy consumed compared to an incandescent bulb, they have just 1/5th the life-span of an LED bulb and contain toxic chemicals like Mercury (Hg) and Lead (Pb) that are difficult to dispose of and extremely dangerous for humans and the environment.

Not only is LED lighting incredibly efficient, using up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent products, but it is absolutely compelling the number of lighting effects and options available when using LED lights in conjunction with Solid Apollo’s LED Control Systems.

Solid Apollo offers the widest selection of LED Control Systems on the market with a number of products focused on total control over an LED lighting system. The pinnacle of LED lighting control systems are Digital Multi-Plexing or DMX technology. Developed for the entertainment industry, DMX systems offer the ability to have control of individual LED lights. Solid Apollo will demonstrate DMX lighting displays and the wide array of applications for this burgeoning technology. The newest, and of course coolest development in DMX lighting is the ability to control entire Color Changing RGB Lighting Systems from a computer or tablet and even a cell phone! Solid Apollo LED is inspired to bring the consumer every advance in LED Lighting first before any other company in the market has developed it!

Do not miss this opportunity to get a glimpse into the future of lighting technology! Come to the The Seattle Fall Home Show at CenturyLink Field Event Center (Oct. 5-7) & Everett Fall Home Show at Comcast Arena (Sept 28-30) and stop by SOLID APOLLO LED for insight and ideas into how to install and use LED technology and receive a surprise gift available only for Home Show attendees!

About Solid Solid Apollo is a cutting edge LED lighting company which designs produces and distributes a wide range of High Quality LED Lighting Products and lighting solutions to meet today’s ongoing, new generation, lighting demands. For more information visit: Solid Apollo at or call toll free 866-592-3873. Order online or send an email to sales(at)

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