NanoMarkets Releases New White Paper on LED Phosphors

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NanoMarkets estimates that the total market value of LED phosphors used in lighting applications will grow from about $525 million in 2012 to a value of over $1.6 billion by 2019


Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has issued a new paper that examines the need for new phosphors driven by the growth of LED lighting. The paper is available for download from the firm's website at The information contained within this paper was drawn from the NanoMarkets report, LED Phosphors Markets – 2012 (Nano-541). Additional details about the report are available on the NanoMarkets website.
From the paper:

Today, the bulk of phosphors sold to the LED industry are used for the production of “white LEDs” for the fabrication of LCD backlighting units. They are made, typically, by coating blue LEDs with yellow and other down-conversion phosphors to create white emission. But all is not well in the LCD backlighting sector. LED phosphors for display backlighting applications will struggle to gain ground over the next several years in the face of near saturation of LED-based backlighting in LCDs, reductions in phosphor prices, reduced LED-per-unit values, softening of display demand, and increased competition from backlight-free technologies like organic LEDs, especially in smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

But the situation is very different in the solid-state lighting sector. In fact, a major shift is occurring in the lighting industry toward more efficient, long-lifetime LED-based lighting, which will more than make up for the disappointments of the display market. Going forward, growth in sales of LED phosphors will be driven by sales to the LED lighting industry.

Adding to the momentum is the fact that governments around the world are using the regulatory process to encourage the use of higher-efficiency lighting products. Since LEDs are potentially more efficient than any other alternative lighting source, LED lighting will preferentially enjoy the benefits of these mandates. This shift is already occurring; while LEDs for backlighting is growing at rates of well under 5 percent, the LED lighting market is expected to grow at compound annual growth rates of around 30 percent (based on number of LEDs).

In order for LED lighting to keep up with these expectations and live up to its potential, better phosphors are needed. In fact, phosphors are one of the keys to achieving the ambitious LED lighting market penetration goals and differentiating the quality of LED lighting products versus other technologies.

Specifically, improved light quality, or at least the consumers’ perception of the quality, can be addressed with new phosphors. In a world in which a LED light bulb is several times more expensive than the tried-and-true (if inefficient) incandescent light bulb, consumers will think more seriously about their purchasing decisions when buying new bulbs and will simply expect more from the new lighting technology. At the very least, the light quality will need to be just as good as delivered by conventional technology, and light quality is inextricably linked with the choice of phosphors available to the LED makers.

About the NanoMarkets Report:

This new NanoMarkets report provides an in-depth analysis and forecast of the LED phosphor market in the next eight years as it relates to the fabrication of white LEDs for lighting applications. It builds off the extensive experience that NanoMarkets has in the area of solid-state lighting and related materials. The report examines some of the latest market strategies, products and technical developments in the area of LED phosphors, and it identifies how performance improvements are growing some addressable markets for phosphors, especially in the general illumination segment(s). The report also includes NanoMarkets’ assessments of the strategies of several of the leading firms active in the LED phosphors space, and, as always with NanoMarkets reports, this report contains granular eight-year forecasts of the inorganic LED phosphors shipments in both volume and value terms, with breakouts by type of phosphor and by phosphor deposition technology.

Key players mentioned in the report include Seoul Semiconductor, Intematix, Mitsubishi, Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Dow, Osram, GE, Philips, and others.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in solid-state lighting, energy, electronics and other markets created by developments in advanced materials. Visit for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services.


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