Women in Leadership Positions Key to Success of New Economy, Powerful Women International Leads the Way with Forum August 10th

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The hard sell is out; heartfelt mindset is in to succeed in business worldwide, Heartfelt Forum: The Power of Global Leadership Connections coming up next Friday. Seval Oz and Karen Leland Keynotes.

Give, give and give again. Staying in that mindset of generosity to succeed is heartfelt. Women in leadership positions are teaching this philosophy now, and it’s working. Now in any networking or business environment if you come from a place of just meeting that quota you will never reach it. Women entrepreneurs are also proving this to be true as helping others openly to succeed has reaped big monetary rewards (for profit and nonprofit corporations/organizations). However, being heartfelt and authentic and maintaining that mindset is key. Powerful Women International (PWI), founded by Valeri Bocage has succeeded in making this message work as her events will attest to. For example, PWI’s upcoming event, Heartfelt Leadership Forum: The Power of Global Leadership Connections coming up next Friday. See http://www.powerfulwomenintl.com/index.html

Seval Oz, sister of Dr. Oz will be speaking about the power of taking your business global and why it’s important. She has succeeded in taking the time for her family and re-entering the workforce and taking it by storm. She is Google’s new business development manager and is a spokesperson for women. “It was difficult for me to re-enter the fast-lane after I had taken time off to start a family,” stated Oz. “Only through staying connected, current and confident was I able to utilize resources around me to get back on track,” she continued. Seval Oz also feels it is critical for women to re-tool in technology and science leadership to be a part of that re-entry into the new economy. She will be discussing these topics next week.

Women in the workforce, whether entrepreneurs or in the corporate arena need to be leaders in whatever capacity they are in. Whether a CEO, manager or other corporate executive that mindset of giving keeps everyone on track. If women have the “win” first and foremost in their minds, the chances of achieving it will diminish. “Women have learned from their predecessors that this approach does not work nearly as well as coming from the heart which is where true success comes from,” says PWI founder and CEO, Valeri Bocage. http://www.powerfulwomenintl.com/index.html

Karen Leland, president of Sterling Marketing Group, best-selling author, speaker and writer for several publications including the Huffington Post. Getting really clear about how to come from the heart and give of your talents generously is not an easy task. “Only by examining our personal, cultural and societal scripts, are we able to move beyond them to crafting and living our own authentic stories and expressing our personal brands, which means coming from within,” says Leland. “I am so proud to be speaking at the upcoming PWI event August 10th, as we need these forums for women leadership; it is one of the keys to the future of economic growth of the United States and the world…it is all about reinvention,” she stated.

About Powerful Women International:
Valeri Bocage started Powerful Women International to help women live their dreams and to begin to network and support each other worldwide. Her dream is that women have whatever their hearts desire. She believes that through networking, seminars and workshops, she can inspire people to live happily and prosperously no matter what their circumstances.

About event:
PWI’s Heartfelt Forum and the Power of Global Leadership Connections, August 10, 2012, Berkeley, CA http://www.powerfulwomenintl.com/index.html about other speakers and to register.

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