Former Narconon Arrowhead Graduate Announces Success With Treatment

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Narconon of Oklahoma patient speaks out about her experience with the program and its effectiveness with heroin abuse treatment.

With 23 million people addicted, drug abuse is a major issue in America. Some recover from the problem and unfortunately some do not. Kate, a graduate of Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma was lucky. Here is her story.

When Kate’s mom remarried she thought she had the ‘perfect’ reason to start using drugs. Kate felt that she wasn’t getting the attention she needed and decided that drug use was the solution to her problem and would get here the attention she wanted from her family. This decision created a much greater problem.

At that time, Kate found an opportunity to get drugs from her best friend’s brother who was selling them. Her first experience was with an over-the-counter cold medication. Marijuana and alcohol followed.

From there, she began to use more types of drugs. The first year, she added cocaine, Ecstasy and mushrooms. Another year passed and she was into Oxycontin. The following year, Kate was shooting heroin. She was using drugs every day for years but until she was into Oxycontin and heroin, she didn’t realize she was addicted.

To make enough money for her expensive drug habit, she worked two jobs and sold drugs on the side to make more money. She worked at a large retailer and knew how to steal items from other branches of that store. She’d then steal things and sell them to get more money for drugs. Kate did whatever it took to make sure that there was enough money coming in to support a hefty drug habit.

Like so many other people, Kate switched to heroin because Oxycontin got harder to get and heroin was cheaper. Besides that, injecting heroin gave her a bigger effect.

When Addiction Spirals Out Of Control

Kate managed to maintain on the job and in life and even quit heroin for a month because her boyfriend at the time was not a drug user. When they broke up, she figured she was entitled to start using drugs again. After she got clean, she could see how stupid that decision was but at that time, it seemed cool.

After the breakup, she was using twice the quantity of drugs as before. She quit her job and her criminal activity escalated. She got kicked out of her own house and her grandparents’ house. She had nowhere to live but her car. Early winter 2010, she was shooting heroin and living in her car in Wisconsin. She was so high all the time that she didn’t care about how she lived.

Finally, in December, a friend let her move in with her. That lasted until April when the friend saw how Kate failed to take care of herself in any way, never showering or cleaning her teeth. She was also afraid Kate would overdose in her home.

Along the way, Kate had been to rehab a few times and had planned to start going to a methadone clinic again but she had lost her car and could not get there. But besides that, the methadone programs she’d been to before had never helped her get drug-free because she was still doped up on methadone. She had spent six months on methadone and a year on Suboxone but neither helped her learn to overcome addiction. She’d also tried Twelve Step programs.

This time, she needed something different. Kate and her mother went online and found Narconon Arrowhead.

How Narconon Arrowhead Handled The Substance Abuse Problem

A residential program located in Canadian, Oklahoma; Narconon Arrowhead has been treating addicts since the early 80’s in the state. With a 76% success rate it is one of the most successful programs in the world and has saved countless numbers of lives.

“The initial withdrawal at Narconon was the easiest withdrawal I’d even been through,” Kate said. Soon, Kate had moved onto the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, the sauna-based phase of the recovery program. “It was different and intriguing at the same time,” she said. “I could feel the effects of the drugs I had used as my body started flushing them out. Then I began to feel a lot better. My mind was clearer.”

Gradually, Kate began to learn the life skills that would guide her to a new, sober life. She learned how to identify those people who could threaten her sobriety and learned how to deal with them. She went through a thorough series of exercises that helped to brighten her perceptions and put her back in control of herself – control that had previously been given up to drugs.

The anxiety that Kate had felt since she was in her teens, that was always covered up by drugs, began to melt away at this point. From that point, she began to assemble the skills she was going to need to take care of herself and build a productive life that would keep her far away from drug abuse.

“If I hadn’t come here, I would probably still be on methadone,” she commented. “It would not have been any better than the earlier times I tried that solution. Thank God my mom found Narconon Arrowhead at the last minute.”

For more information on Narconon Arrowhead or to help a loved one with a drug addiction call 800-468-6933.

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