Documentary to Feature "Beliebers"

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They call themselves Beliebers; other people call them all kinds of things. What are the dedicated fans of Justin Bieber really all about? A new documentary by Desert Hotel Films attempts to find out.

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Some of them don't even like to be called "fans", they are "Beliebers" and apparently, there is a difference. The production team say they learned very quickly that people take these things very seriously.

Many people have probably seen or heard about them somewhere. Justin Bieber's Beliebers are everywhere and often dominate social media websites such as Twitter. Just as Beliebers are everywhere, so are their critics. A quick look around online will find a variety of opinions about them; the general consensus seems to be that on average, they are a bunch of screaming pre-pubescent girls.

Nonetheless a group of film makers including the production team at Desert Hotel Films have decided to explore the fandom through the production of a documentary and they firmly believe that, based on what they have already discovered, people could be quite surprised. They are asking for Beliebers to get involved via their website and say that non-beliebers need not apply.

The production team insist that this isn't Belieber propaganda, they are approaching the film from a neutral standpoint and are immersing themselves in the fandom for the first time. Justin himself isn’t the focus of the documentary and the team want to make that clear from the start; the documentary will however feature fan footage of Bieber and fan photos that have possibly never been distributed online before. Jennifer and Arianne at Desert Hotel Films stated that “we’ve already had some really interesting people apply, for example, a group of Beliebers who took it upon themselves to collect donations with the aim of funding Beliebers who can’t afford concert tickets. It’s actually quite inspiring.”

The film is set to be released in April 2013 and will be available in a variety of formats worldwide. Filming will take place from December through to March and will be a worldwide affair.

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