Animal Capture and Removal Reminds Residents of Raccoon Roundworm Risk

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Prevalence of infection in raccoons can range to nearly 100% of all raccoons sampled in an area

Animal Capture and Removal is reminding residents of the risks associated with raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris porcyonis) and urging everyone to take proper precautions to prevent human infection. Raccoon roundworm can be highly prevalent in certain areas of the state, with infection rates ranging to 100% of all raccoons sampled in some areas.

Proper hygiene and avoiding contact with raccoons are key steps in reducing the risk of human infection. Humans often pick up the parasite by accidentally ingesting soil from unwashed hands or drinking contaminated water. Pets are also at risk, often contracting the disease by eating and drinking from areas frequented by raccoons.

Symptoms of infection include fever, blindness, drowsiness, cough and respiratory issues, and loss of coordination. Residents who suspect they may have come into contact with the parasite should immediately seek medical care. At this time, there is no treatment for infection, and damage inflicted by the parasite is typically permanent.

Because of the serious risk of raccoon roundworm parasite and other diseases, Animal Capture and Removal urges against the keeping of raccoons as domestic pets, which is against the law. Residents who have raccoon problems or who find raccoon feces in their homes (often found under floorboards) should call a trusted animal capture and removal company to reduce the risk of infection.

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About: Animal Capture And Removal personnel are private nuisance wildlife control operator with years of experience in animal control and extraction. The company is one of the oldest nuisance wildlife companies in the Bay Area and is licensed with the State of California to trap nuisance animals.

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