Vantage LED Announces Continued Commitment to Protecting LED Sign Dealer and OEM Interests with New "Powered by Vantage" Program.

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U.S. based LED sign manufacturer, Vantage LED, hopes to bring change to the LED sign industry by reaffirming their commitment to Dealer and OEM protection policies; pointing to real life examples, like OEM partner Dragon Fly Signs.

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“We design the systems, and partnered with Vantage LED to build them,” said Dragon Fly owner, Jayson DeCandis. “I’m proud to use them because I know they will protect my product and business interests.”

The LED sign industry can be a difficult place to do business. With little standardization and a very diverse supply chain, sign dealers must be vigilant in protecting their business from dishonest sign companies, and sometimes even their own suppliers. U.S. based LED sign manufacturer, Vantage LED, hopes to lead by example and spark change in the industry through their new “Powered by Vantage” dealer program with a new approach to business.

Most LED sign dealers have experienced the “back door” effect where a customer may try to purchase an LED sign from their supplier directly. This approach is similar to a technique used by many to pit two companies against each other, using a lower quality company’s price to get a better deal from a higher quality sign dealer. However, the “back door” approach can be even more effective for the end user, specifically when the supplier has no system in place to protect its dealers. This would be akin to a customer being able to purchase a car directly off the factory line in Detroit at the car dealer’s price. This doesn’t happen because they have a system in place and an industry wide incentive to protect dealers.

The LED sign industry doesn’t have this same incentive, perhaps as an after effect to the traditional sign industry’s dog eat dog mentality. Even large LED sign manufacturers have been known to steal big projects from their own dealers, or refer end user inquiries to “choice” dealers, when they know another dealer is already involved with the project. Dishonest overseas manufacturers can be even worse, sacrificing quality for price and diminishing trust in the entire industry. While it is impossible to avoid every situation, when a manufacturer knows a dealer is involved ethics dictate that they default to the dealer. Unfortunately, the “we get paid either way” attitude often prevails. This painful reality has many dealers looking for a better way; a better partner.

Vantage LED’s goal is to change this. They have announced their re-commitment to dealer protection with a more transparent approach. Their new "Powered by Vantage" program offers resources and co-branding options that help bring additional horsepower to dealers, and the industry in general. The program also supports custom policies they have in place to protect OEM factory partners. One such partner is Dragonfly LED signs, a U.S. based LED supplier who utilizes Vantage LED’s manufacturing abilities to produce their own line of LED signs built to spec.

“We design the systems, and partnered with Vantage LED to build them,” said Dragon Fly owner, Jayson DeCandis. “I’m proud to use them because I know they will protect my product and business interests.”

This was recently reaffirmed when a long time Dragon Fly customer contacted Vantage LED directly to inquire on a large project.

“The customer was well meaning, but decided to contact the factory due to the size of the project,“ said DeCandis. “After calling me to confirm they were my customer, Vantage directed them back to me immediately and reiterated that we were more than able to handle the large project.”

According to Vantage LED, these Dealer and OEM protection policies are key to their success in the market and keeping relationships strong and positive. They hope to continue to change the industry standard and raise the bar.

“Our main goal is to retain the ethics and values of small business, while providing enterprise level products, support, and customer service,” said Paul Martin, Director of Marketing.

This approach is good news to many dealers looking for a better solution. Vantage LED’s experience in the OEM and dealer based markets puts them in a unique position to help a variety of organizations succeed in the world of LED signs. As they back up these protection policies with actions, Vantage LED will no doubt continue to be a significant resource for battle weary sign dealers and OEM suppliers across the nation.


Vantage LED is the fastest growing U.S. based manufacturer of superior LED signage. Supporting a competitive and successful dealer network in both the United States and internationally, Vantage LED has risen to be a formidable contender and loyal partner. The success and solid growth of Vantage LED is due to its unique ability to produce a highly reliable, technologically advanced product at a competitive price from its state-of-the-art Southern California manufacturing facility. For more information on Vantage LED or its superior product line please visit their website at

Vantage LED is a subsidiary of Tradenet Enterprises, LLC, a California based company with headquarters in Corona. For new Dealer information, please contact Josie Salitrero, National Sales Manager at (888) 595.3956 or NewDealers(at)

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