The Heart Center Community Embarks on a Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca 12-21-12

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At the close of the Mayan long count calendar on December 21, 2012, the Hearts Center will be at the sacred site of Lake Titicaca, Peru as part of a Sacred Journey tour from December 14 through 22, 2012. Also included on the tour will be the mountain top ruins of Machu Pichu.

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Hearts Center Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage

The Hearts Center Community choose to see the end of the Mayan calendar as the Birth of a New Consciousness that is based on cooperation, divine sovereignty, peace, creativity and the celebration of our interconnectedness with all of life.

David Lewis, spiritual director for The Hearts Center Community, recently stated that while the Mayan calendar may be ending, it marks the beginning of a new cycle of the sun. Coincident with this new fifth sun, will be the transition of the God and Goddess Meru from their office as Manus of the Sixth Root Race to a position of greater service within the sun. They will be followed by the ascended masters Lanello and Clare de Lis, who will receive the transfer of a Great Mantle of Light from the Sun to the Earth. To celebrate this momentous occasion, over 50 people from The Hearts Center will be there for the anchoring of energy and light from the Sun to the Earth for the beginning of a new age of enlightenment.

The last day of the Mayan Calendar represents the end of an Age of materialism and egoism. Throughout recorded history, humanity has found themselves entangled in wars, economic depressions, and social chaos, and oppressed by corrupt individuals or groups in leadership positions in society. This year that all changes.

There is a growing movement of consciousness evolutionaries who feel the positive prophecies of the Mayan Calendar and of many spiritual and mystical traditions will come to their fruition in the present day.

While the end of the Mayan Calendar is often interpreted in sensationalist media sources as a gloom and doom ‘end of the world’ scenario, the Hearts Center Community and their affiliates choose to see it as the end of an Age and an unprecedented opportunity for the Birth of a New Consciousness within humanity that is based on cooperation, divine sovereignty, peace, creativity and the celebration of our interconnectedness with all of life.

The Hearts Center is a spiritual movement that is sponsored by the Ascended Masters such as Saint Germain, Mother Mary, and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for the bringing in of the Light from the Spiritual realms to help humanity move to the next level in spiritual evolution. The Hearts Center Community is dedicated to realizing personal and planetary enlightenment through oneness with universal beingness or the Higher Self.

The Hearts Center gives all souls of light the opportunity to choose to be a part of the solution to bring in the medicine of a pure heart for our planet to be healed and made whole. Together, they are journeying to the Heart of South America, Lake Titicaca, a major energy vortex of the planetary electromagnetic grid, from December 14th - 22nd 2012, where they will usher in this new Age, this Golden Crystal Age of Aquarius.

The Hearts Center is open to any who are inspired to join them on this sacred journey. They have eight years of experience organizing pilgrimages and events around the world and participants from other spiritual paths will enjoy this journey and feel welcomed.

To register and learn about more about this amazing and spirited conference, Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca, presented by The Hearts Center, visit the website at or call 312-253-7600 or email friends(at)heartscenter(dot)org.

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