New Strides in the Treatment of Heel Pain with FasciaDerm® Foot Pain Relief System

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On July 12, 2012 Applied BioKinetics LLC was granted a patent for its breakthrough heel pain relief system FasciaDerm. FasciaDerm offers fast and effective relief for the most common cause of heel pain—Plantar Fasciitis.

FasciaDerm Foot Support System for Heel Pain Associated with Plantar Fasciitis

FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System

The most effective treatment for plantar fasciitis may be bed rest—and the closest thing to bed rest is the use of FasciaDerm.

Applied BioKinetics LLC was granted a patent this month for technology associated with its foot pain relief product, FasciaDerm®.

A growing number of podiatrists are embracing FasciaDerm® in their practices as an alternative to cortisone injections and as part of a standard of care for foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis. FasciaDerm® bridges the gap between the initial office examinations to the time of a follow-up visit, after the manufacturing of custom orthotics is complete. Reduced heel pain level improves the patient’s satisfaction with the clinic and eases the transition into orthotics.

The FasciaDerm® Heel Pain Relief System (based on issued Patent No. 8,216,162 and other pending patent applications) is a set of disposable, micro-thin, super strong pre-cut fabric supports designed exclusively for direct adhesive support of the foot, and particularly to the plantar fascia. The system utilizes a two part design which is easy to apply. The proprietary materials and slip resistant adhesive effectively support the foot for up to 24 hours per application. In use, FasciaDerm® is applied in the morning and worn through all load bearing hours of the day. The product is then re-applied each consecutive day during the recovery period. The company recommends a minimum of 6 to12 days of treatment per foot to provide the best opportunity to achieve effective and lasting heel pain relief. Each FasciaDerm® package provides product for six days of treatment (i.e. one treatment cycle) for a single foot. Follow-up care for plantar fasciitis often includes; use of supportive footwear, stretching, orthotics, and periodic use of FasciaDerm® during periods of increased activity.

“The most effective treatment for plantar fasciitis may be bed rest—and the closest thing to bed rest is the use of FasciaDerm,” said Applied BioKinetics founder, Donald Bushby.

Plantar fasciitis (PF), a condition where strong connective tissue which runs along the sole and arches of the foot becomes damaged with micro-tears, is most often indicated by sharp pain in the heel or arch during the first few steps in the morning or after periods of rest. Despite the numerous plantar fasciitis treatment methods and devices available, most cases of plantar fasciitis linger for months. Recovery is often long or evasive due in part to the lack of protection these treatments provide to the fascia during the healing process. Lack of direct support to the plantar fascia can allow newly repaired tissue to easily be re-damaged.

Current PF treatment methods include steroid injections, immobilizing devices (boots or casts), devices to perform night-time stretching and surgery (in extreme cases). Tape based products have also made inroads in PF treatment. However, these common athletic tape or multi-purpose stretch tape products generally lack effectiveness in the rigorous and specialized task of managing stress in the plantar fascia.

PF sufferers often spend hundreds of dollars and many months impaired and in pain trying devices and methods which lack effectiveness. FasciaDerm® is a leap forward in reducing heel pain and arch pain recovery time, and at a retail price of under $30 per treatment cycle, it also reduces the average cost to consumers.

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Applied BioKinetics LLC is a registered medical device manufacturer committed to developing non-invasive, cost-effective solutions through innovation and applied science.

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