Local Houstonian Buys Window Genie Franchise to Take Control of His Success

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Kris Johnson, Houston native, celebrates his first 5 months as an independednt business owner. He opened his own Window Genie franchise in March so he and his family could return to their hometown. During these tough economic times, many are finding that opening their own business helps them to control their own success and build a foundation for a better future without the instability they felt in previous careers.

Kris Johnson's very first window cleaning as a Window Genie franchisee

I want to learn about being an owner as much as I can and build a good reputation in my area. I need to walk before I can run, but I know I can make it happen.

During tough economic times, many Americans find themselves without jobs. Some have lost their jobs because of lay-offs, and cannot seem to get back on the horse. Those who are lucky enough to have jobs can be unhappy because it’s not what they really want to be doing, and settled due to the limited opportunity out there. Feeling helpless and trapped can be miserable, but some have found a solution to this problem. Opening a business means taking control of your own destiny. The owner of a small business manages his own schedule, employees and method of operation. This ultimately means the business owner is in control of his income and success. Kris Johnson of Houston, Texas pursued the independent business option and opened his own Window Geniefranchise in March of 2012 after realizing what he really wanted out of life.

Johnson's previous jobs had him traveling and living all over Texas for the past 30 years. Johnson decided that Houston was where his heart was and wanted to find a way to move him and his family back. It was not an option to return to Houston with his current job, so Johnson took a job in industrial staffing so he could return home. After 7 years, Johnson realized he was not completely happy and decided to look into buying a franchise that he could own and operate in his hometown. Celebrating his 5 month mark as a business owner, Johnson says he is glad he chose to make a change for he and his family's future.

Johnson chose Window Genie to pursue based on its compatibility with his strengths, interests and goals. After connecting with existing Window Genie franchise owners and the corporate team, Johnson felt as though it was the best choice for him to be successful and happy. Back in March, when asked what his goals are for the next year, Johnson said, “I want to learn about being an owner as much as I can and build a good reputation in my area. I need to walk before I can run, but I know I can make it happen. I have a strong background in customer service and the Window Genie plan is proven and successful.”

It has been almost five months since Window Genie of Kingwood opened its doors. Johnson and his team are just as excited as they were on day one. Johnson is glad he chose to take control of his destiny and find a way to bring his family back to the Houston area by opening a Window Genie franchise.

Johnson does admit that owning his own business is just as tough as he thought it would be. Window Genie requires 5 days of in-house training at corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, followed by a week of on-site training with a Window Genie field manager at the new franchise location. Johnson opened his business as a hopeful, determined man.

Johnson reflected on the very first window cleaning him and his team performed as Team Window Genie, “I remember our very first job during grand opening week, the Hope family in Kings Manor. I remember it was nerve racking trying to make sure I remembered everything I was taught in training. Once I knocked on the door and we started cleaning windows everything that needed to be accomplished was. I remember leaving the home saying, ‘wow that looks good.’ I realized that all the cleaning services we offer are hard work, especially in the Houston heat. The end result is a very rewarding experience though.”

Window Genie is known to “Clean Windows and a Whole Lot More!” A whole lot more includes window tinting, gutter clean-out, power washing for multiple surfaces and tile/grout cleaning. The year-round business allows for multiple revenue streams and takes the ‘seasonality’ out of the equation. Windows can be cleaned regardless of weather conditions under Window Genie’s “no streak guarantee.” The services offered by Window Genie are designed to improve the look and value of homes and offices.

Window Genie Technicians are fully trained, insured and bonded. They have also passed rigorous background screenings and sport an employee identification badge at all times. They will be seen driving the exclusive and striking wrapped GENIEMOBILES™ that are recognized by their bright purple lightning and the animated Genie.

Window Genie franchises are available across the country, including master franchise opportunities please visit http://www.windowgeniefranchise.com for more information.

For more information about Kris Johnson and Window Genie of Kingwood please call (281)358-4646 or email kjohnson(at)windowgenie(dot)com

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