Inspirational Image Of Christ - With Head Bowed And Arms Uplifted in Prayer - Accidentally Captured By Professional Photographer In The Clouds Of Nevada's Western Sky

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While Reviewing Photos Taken During A Day's Shooting In Northern Nevada, A Professional Photographer Is Amazed To Discover A Beautiful Image Of Jesus Praying In the Clouds While Silhouetted Against A Cross - And Is Astounded At The Number Of Coincidences That Occurred In Order For Him To Take The Shot

"Lord, if you want to show your face in the clouds... that would be cool." said Roy jokingly.

Fed up and tired of the constant "grind" of Los Angeles and the hectic pace of the entertainment industry, Award Winning Director/Photographer, Ron Roy, recently moved to Northern Nevada to pursue a more "spiritual semi-retired" life.

Little did he know that his relocation would lead him to taking a photo that many are calling miraculous.

Roy has captured a beautiful image of what appears to be Christ - with His head bowed and arms uplifted in prayer - in the billowy clouds of Nevada's western sky. Even more interesting, the image is perfectly silhouetted against a cross atop a steeple as the sun peacefully sets.

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Roy says it all happened when an amazing number of "coincidences" led him to snap the fascinating shot "at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong equipment."

On Sunday July 22, Roy had firmly decided to stay in his new home to continue unpacking from his earlier move from California.

"I had no intention of shooting that day" says Roy "but in the mid-afternoon, I got this overwhelming urge to get out of the house and just go do something relaxing. The last thing on my mind was doing any kind of work, so I decided to drive down to Reno's Truckee River Walk and just chill out."

At the last minute, Roy had a compelling feeling to grab his Hi Def pocket camera and take it along.

Video of the Story of Capturing the Image

"It was a beautiful afternoon with photo opportunities galore - and before I knew it, my "chill out" afternoon turned into a photo shoot." smiles Roy.

"I came across an old stone church with a cross on its steeple and decided to snap some shots of it framed against the incredible cumulus clouds that day."

Before he snapped the shots, Roy looked up at the sky and jokingly said "Lord, if you want to show your face in the clouds... that would be cool."

"Of course, I wasn't terribly surprised when those shots didn't reveal anything supernatural" laughs Roy

"I went on enjoying my afternoon - and, quite honestly, I forgot about it."

"At the end of the day, I remembered an old neon sign quite far away that I wanted to shoot but decided not to because of the distance. But again, something seemed to almost push me to just go for it - so I jumped in the car and headed off."

"I got to the location but didn't take a single shot - the lighting just wasn't right" Roy laments "interestingly though, I noticed some other steeples with crosses in the distance which I wouldn't have seen had I not gone there."

"I thought about getting some shots of them but decided to come back at another time. I was tired and hungry and headed home."

"Then after driving a while, I got this weird gnawing gut feeling to go back. So, once again that day, I trusted my instincts." he says "I made a U-Turn and drove all the way back. I snapped a few final pictures of the crosses and headed home."

On the way back, Roy pulled into a restaurant for dinner and to review the days photos.

At first he didn't see anything out of the ordinary on his camera screen.

Then one particular picture caught his eye and he realized there was an image there that he was totally unaware of when he originally took the shot.

"I looked closely at one of the shots I took of those crosses I had driven back for. Even though I completely hadn't noticed it at the time, the face of Christ praying in the clouds immediately became apparent to me in the photo. His features were so distinct and prominent - it literally took my breath away. I could hardly believe what I was seeing."

"I quickly showed the picture to friends and family - they all instantly saw the image too - some even saying they got chills looking at it. I knew I had to share it, so I put it on Facebook and created a couple of YouTube videos for the public - they all started getting views immediately."

Video With Image Outlined

Knowing how easy it is to fake photographs today, Roy understands that some people will probably have serious doubts about the picture.

"We live in a time when any image can easily be digitally manipulated or created - so a shot such as this should certainly be questioned." says Roy "I fully expect and encourage skeptics."

"I've always been a "doubting Thomas" myself" says Roy "so I've posted only unretouched clones of the master. I've also saved the camera's memory chip with the original photo and meta data so it can easily be verified and authenticated. And I've made the photo available to everyone as a free download on my website."

And concerning as all the coincidences and split second timing that had to occur in order for him to be at the right spot at the right moment to capture the shot, Roy laughingly responds "I don't really believe much in coincidence - it's just a term we use to dismiss things that aren't easily explained."

"Personally, I've always believed in God's amazing timing - and His phenomenal sense of humor. And, to me, this is a perfect example!"

"After all, I've literally shot thousands of pictures of nature in my lifetime - and this is the one time I'm in the wrong place - at the wrong time - with the wrong camera - and doing almost everything possible NOT to shoot the shot!" laughs Roy.

"Not only is it humorous to me ...I believe it's truly serendipitous."

"No, there's absolutely no way I can ever write it off as a coincidence" Roy concludes "but, then again, that's something that the viewer should to have the right to decide for themselves."

About Ron Roy
Ron Roy is currently semi-retired from a life in the entertainment industry where he has had a successful career as an actor, producer, director, and videographer/photographer. He is the creator of the critically acclaimed Moodtapes™ Nature/Relaxation DVD/CD series and has produced and directed national Television, Film, and Theater. As an actor, Roy appeared in numerous network television shows such as Dallas, Police Story, and Black Sheep Squadron as well as dozens of national commercials. His original instrumental music has charted “Top Twenty - Coast to Coast” and he has won numerous international awards for his numerous productions. He has also been featured as a celebrity guest on numerous national television talk shows such as Entertainment Tonight, The 700 Club, and Oprah.

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