Transactional Processing, Secure In the Cloud – Now a Reality with TransCertain and RACE

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Balancing security with businesses’ needs is a sharp line for an IT department, especially with cost concerns of ever-increasing importance. Through application of an innovative technology, companies can now store and use their most sensitive data in the cloud computing environment.

The last block for so many companies in moving to the cloud is the question of data security, compliance and control. This service removes that block with a stick of dynamite! Our data is stored in the cloud, fully usable and it just works.

Today’s IT security is a triple constraint: be ahead of those who are after your data, make your data usable, and comply with the regulations that govern your industry. Moving your business “to the cloud” further complicates this situation. While the cost savings sought by hosting data and processing it in the cloud makes a compelling argument to give up control of your data, the risk of data loss, hacking and loss of credibility can quickly outweigh these potential cost savings.

The standard IT security answer has always been when in doubt, deny the risky request. With the recent incidents such as the LinkedIn™, eHarmony™ and other hacks dominating the news, the decision to move your data to a cloud storage provider seems an easy “no”. Thanks to a little innovation, it is now possible to not only manage but concur the triple constraint. “Responding to the speed of business should not be a crime” said Rob Fioto, CEO and Chairperson of RACE. “We simply needed to provide IT security folks with a stronger toolset so they could safely mitigate the many cloud-based risks.”

“The modular technology used by TransCertain to achieve safe data storage is truly innovative with its ability to scale to future needs and evolve with the new best practices in the security world” said Dan Furman, CIO of the Federal Improvement Team. The core elements of the technology follow along with long enforced and tried methods used by the US Armed Forces and technology powerhouses, but put together in a new way. By tokenizing data and storing it fully encrypted, the data becomes both usable directly from the secure datacenter and simultaneously meets and exceeds industry standards and regulation. In addition, value can be gained from processing the data onsite and avoiding the potential security failure point, as data must move to an analysis server.

From Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) [ mandated data restrictions to user password tokenization, the need for usable and secure data has never been so great. Companies of all sizes who store any information about their customers, employees, patients or partners must be conscious of how to protect this information. TransCertain and RACE have partnered to bring this technology directly to the companies who need it most. Unlike other security solutions, this new technology is lightning fast and currently being scaled to enable over 58 billion secure transactions per second in RACE’s test portal environment. “Thanks to this new breakthrough in technology, anyone can have access to the same speed and security as the billion-dollar giants” said Mr. Fioto.

TransCertain’s™ modular cloud and database micro-encryption™ solutions provides customers with a flexibility that sets a new standard for data security, adaptability, and accessibility. TransCertain's™ platform architecture consists of three proprietary core elements and multiple support elements. Each element is comprised of innovative and revolutionary technology. Collectively, the elements interact seamlessly and transparently, streamlining protocols and saving clients’ money. TransCertain's™ services are adaptable, easy to utilize and do not require costly changes to a client’s (or client‘s partners‘ or processors‘) business practices or legacy systems. The core module is CertainStore™ a PCI, PII, PHI and PFI compliant solution which engages proprietary algorithms that micro-encrypt sensitive data and then generates a unique token which is used as the primary identifier of the data. Complementing CertainStore’s™ security is its ability to secure any data type including simple text, x-ray files, and top secret documents. Putting the tokens to task is TransAct™ a flexible adaptor based system that allows any data to transact with any other third party system such as payment processing, identity verification, bank systems, account systems, or any data transformation. The third element is ProcessOnTime™ a recurring process scheduling engine that allows an organization to manage business rules which determine when, how often, and what kind of data processing to schedule and generate. Most data integration requires months of time and up to millions of dollars of investment. TransCertain’s™ agnostic integration platform can have a company micro-encrypted and processing data in a matter of weeks with minimal cost. TransCertain's™ solutions are applicable on a global basis across dozens of industries including healthcare, financial services, hospitality, retail, energy/smart grid, supply chain management and governmental services sectors. "The last block for so many companies in moving to the cloud is the question of data security, compliance and control. This service removes that block with a stick of dynamite! Our data is stored in the cloud, fully usable and it just works", said Mr. Furman.

About TransCertain
With a long and rich history making data available "from any platform to any platform," TransCertain offers a suite of core services and software to complement businesses moving images, documents, payment processing data, and any data type. As an experienced ACH, C21, and Credit Card processor, all TransCertain solutions keep your business in mind without risking your most sensitive data.

Security-as-a-Service solutions use advanced tokenization encryption to protect and safeguard personal, corporate, private and other sensitive information and data while permitting organizations to analyze, share, and distribute mission critical information across multiple platforms.

About RACE
RACE (Revolutionary Accelerated Collaboration Environment) is a collaborative nonprofit partnership of performance improvement and innovation leaders from industry and government - strategically integrated into a single, cohesive, high-performance team offering a depth and breadth of experience, knowledge and capability unmatched by any single organization. RACE harnesses the power of its immense knowledge and resource base to any challenge given to us.

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