Greenstar Home Services ‘Green It Up™’ Announces Initiative to Warn and Educate Orange County Homeowners of the Adverse Effects of Chlorine on Your Health and the Homes Plumbing System.

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The second half of 2012 Greenstar Home Services is focused on educating homeowners in the Orange County area on the effects of chlorine and chloramines and how it negatively affects the home plumbing system and health. The U.S. EPA recently released a report that said, "Virtually every home in America has a detectable level of chloroform gas in the air due to chlorine and showering."

Green it Up!

Clean filtered water is our most basic element essential for survival.

“Chemicals like chlorine get into our bloodstream and bodies very efficiently through shower water because the shower provides the ideal venue. The warm shower expands the skin’s pores and therefore permits a high rate of absorption of chlorine and other harmful contaminants” said Jack Yarbrough, area sales manager for Greenstar Home Services. Because chlorine has a much lower boiling point than water, it vaporizes more quickly. Therefore, the steam in the shower can contain as much as twenty times the level of chlorine as compared to water that pours from the tap.

A recent report in the American Journal of Public Health linked chlorine to significant increases in certain types of cancer and stated that "up to two-thirds of the harmful exposure
was due to skin absorption and inhalation while showering."

The inhalation and absorption of these chemicals from the vapors routes them directly into the bloodstream without benefit of the body’s natural filtration systems. Long suspected a cause of asthma and bronchitis, the inhalation of chlorine’s vapors acts as a harsh irritant to delicate lung tissue. As opposed to ingesting contaminants by drinking unpurified water, chemicals that are inhaled enter the bloodstream. Because they bypass both the liver and the kidneys, they have no opportunity to filter the toxins; thereby increasing chlorine’s harmful effects. While chlorine is considered a leading cause of hair loss, some studies have also found that the hazards of inhaling chlorine can even exceed those derived from drinking chlorinated water. The quantity of chloroform (the most common trihalomethane found in chlorinated water), adsorbed through the course of the average shower can be up to six times more than the trihalomethane introduced into the body by drinking chlorinated water. Water is our most basic element essential for survival. Clean water is vital to maintain the proper functioning of our bodies and its systems from skin and organ integrity to a healthy immune system to longevity. Facts, figures, and evidence have been stacking up for years about the unhealthy substances to which we unsuspectingly expose ourselves to on a daily basis. It is therefore imperative we guard ourselves against the destructive chemicals that serve to compromise our health and wellness. According to biologist/chemist Dr. Herbert Schwartz, "Chlorine is so dangerous that it should be banned." Chlorine in the homes plumbing system interacting with plastic, copper, rubber, and all water using appliances is one of the leading causes of home emergencies and plumbing system failures. Education on how to remove chlorine from the homes plumbing system is an area Greenstar Home Services focuses on daily. For more information or to set up a water analysis by a professional water advisor go to

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