Certifix Live Scan Announces Amazing Technology Used in Fingerprinting

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The advanced scanning technology used by Certifix Live Scan ensures the highest quality prints for identity and background checking purposes. Businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations rely on Certifix Live Scan and the integrity of its services.

State-wide Live Scan Fingerprint Locations

Certifix Live Scan is the Most Trusted Name in Live Scan.

The advanced Certifix Live Scan fingerprint scanning system uses amazing technology to collect fingerprint samples and compare them with others on record. The scanning device is able to determine if the pattern of ridges on a given fingertip matchese the pattern of a print in a pre-scanned image.

Fingerprinting is one of the most frequently used yet little understood technologies employed for identification purposes. Fingerprints themselves are a wonder of nature - personal "ID cards" formed of ridges on the skin of our fingers. These ridges are formed by both DNA and environmental factors, and while two fingerprints may appear identical to the untrained eye, the patterns of loops and whorls are unique to each individual, even in the case of twins.

Fingerprint scanning systems make comparisons by examining feature of the print called "minutiae" and rely chiefly on the places where ridge lines end or where one line splits off into two lines. These features are known as "typica."

Fingerprint scanners have developed along with advances in the kind of light-sensing systems found in digital cameras. These use light-sensitive diodes that generate electrical signals in response to light photons. It records light and dark pixels that ultimately form an image of the fingerprint pattern, the converts the electrical signal into a digital image. The Certifix optical scanners then capture clear images of fingerprints, those with just the right balance of light and dark, in order to make effective comparisons with fingerprints already recorded. The advanced scanning systems used at Certifix Live Scan facilities determine the clearest scan available before moving on to compare its image with others on record.

The software Certifix uses to control its hardware features complicated algorithms designed to recognize and analyze the minutiae according to their relative positions. To obtain a fingerprint match, Certifix scanners are designed to find the right number of minutiae that ensure two prints are sufficiently similar to be called a match. Skilled programming of the scanner is required to determine the scope of the comparison.

The advanced fingerprint scanning software and hardware systems used at the more than 200 Certifix Live Scan locations and in the mobile Live Scan service ensures that the best possible images are collected the first time to reduce the need to take repeat scans and inconvenience both Live Scan applicants and requesting agencies.

About Certifix Live Scan
Certifix Live Scan was established in July 2007 and is based in southern California. It is one of the largest and most prominent Live Scan providers in the state with locations in Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties. Certifix Live Scan's advanced fingerprinting system offers both in-house and mobile fingerprinting services. All staff members are certified by the California Department of Justice and authorized to provide Live Scan services to the public. The company is approved by the Department of Justice and the FBI to provide Live Scan tools and training in California as well.
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