Kno-Where Family Phone Tracking goes 'Freemium'

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Panaramix, the leading mobile tracking service provider will soon launch its Kno-Where family phone tracking product in 'free forever' format. Parents will be able to keep a watchful eye on the whereabouts of their loved ones via the free service with the option to easily unlock additional paid features from within the mobile application.

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Kno-Where Family PhoneTracking

We are committed to providing a set of simple tools to parents wanting to manage the influence of mobile devices and their use on family life.

Panaramix Ltd. are soon to provide parents with peace of mind free of charge.

Due to launch next month the Kno-Where family phone tracking service will be available to parents for free - with no time limit on its use.

The free version of the service will allow parents to accurately see their family's locations via a computer or their own mobile phone.

Family mobile locations are updated every 20 minutes on the free version of the software with tracking starting at 8.30 am and stopping at 10.30pm.

For parents wanting more upgrades are available from within the app for a range of time periods.

The premium version of Kno-Where's family mobile tracking provides flexible mobile location updates up to 24/7 with locations provided every 3 minutes if required plus other useful features covered below.

Panaramix differentiates Kno-Where from the bulk of other mobile tracking 'app' providers by offering its products as a service - with the measured approach, quality and real life customer support structure that goes with it.

How it Works

A small app is downloaded to the phone which runs in the background on each tracked phone. This piece of software fires up the GPS on the tracked phone at pre-set intervals and sends the location data to secure servers.

Parents (or employers where the business version of the product is used) can then login securely on-line or via their own mobile and view their family's mobile locations.

Locations are provided in map or satellite view along with actual street address as well as the battery level of the phone at the time of the location was provided.


For parents wanting additional features the premium version has plenty to offer:

  • Flexible tracking sequence - start and stop times can be set for each day right up to 24/7.
  • Flexible location update intervals right down to every 3 minutes
  • Location history - select a day to view all locations up to 3 months old

The premium version of the family mobile tracking service is just £3.99 per tracked phone each month with the business version being £4.99 per tracked phone per month.

However the free version of the family service is well worth having in itself and it is expected many customers will simply use this version for the bulk of the time.

Upgrades are available for a range of durations from a single day (great for that teen off to his first concert with mates) to a full year.


For near real time mobile tracking the LIVE! feature is a paid service that provides a live location every 10 seconds for 5 minutes duration and is ideal should a concerned parent want to keep an extra close eye on a loved one for a short period.

About Panaramix Ltd.

Panaramix are providers of mobile tracking and associated services. Committed to providing the family with simple tools to manage the influence of the mobile device on family life a development plan including location tracking, usage restriction (lesson times, late at night) and other telecoms services are currently under development.

In addition to the Kno-Where family phone tracking, Panaramix are providers of a new breed of low cost mobile applications for businesses.

A range of features enable business customers to manage their remote workers online by connecting with mobile phones in the field to deliver GPS tracking plus workload planning and job despatch to mobile in the field.

You can find out more about all the Kno-Where tracking products at

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