The Shocking Truth about How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Revealed by Top Dating Coach

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Bobby Rio reveals signs that a girl likes a guy, and how to tell a girl is interested in his new report.

Dating coach Bobby Rio has just released a shock report on "how to tell if a girl likes you: unveiling previously undiscovered signs of attraction".

These ‘secret signs’ aren’t a woman playing with her hair: they’re a whole new generation of clues that guys have been missing out on for generations. So men need to forget what their mother told them, what their frat brothers tipped them off about it... these secrets are set to shock and surprise men around the world (

So how did Dating Coach Bobby Rio stumble upon these ‘secrets’? Rio, who made a name for himself as the founder of popular online men’s magazine, TSB Magazine, claims to have discovered the secret signs of attraction. The ones that men have long been trying to decode: the clues that tell them clearly and instantly if a girl is attracted to them.

Rio claims, after years of in-depth analysis & research into attraction, to have not only struck gold with new signals of attraction (a tough job considering the saturated dating advice market) but has consolidated his secrets into a single report... a report set to have thousands of instant downloads from men desperate to know what he’s worked out.

The report unveils radical new hints of her attraction: what is it about that text that she sent you, the way she acted on a date, what she wore, that tells you- as clear as day- that she is attracted to you. Even more controversial than the report itself is Rio’s claims that, armed with this information, men can expect a radical change in their dating results.

No more wasting time and money on girls who will never see a man as a lover; and instead having the confidence to act with lightening precision, when a woman does give him the signs that she likes him. No more ill advised dates, lost opportunities and getting blown out sounds great... for men. Feminist organisations on the other hand, aren’t so impressed by Rio’s claims. They view it as not only revealing information that only women should know, but also exploiting it, allowing men to manipulate women.

Rio doesn’t quite see it like that though: he states that his shock report isn’t about manipulating women, but providing men with opportunities. The opportunity for the good guy to know when a girl likes him, and act- FAST- before he loses her interest to a ‘player’.

Whether Rio’s latest report is as altruistic as he suggests is debatable: but what you can’t doubt is this guy’s track record in creating landmark theories for guys who want to know how to tell if a girl likes you. Previously his ‘magnetic messaging’ book has become one of the fastest sellers in the dating industry: and is currently being sold in over 50 countries including the USA, all of Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Rio also has the powerful credibility of the ‘big names’ in the dating industry supporting his claims.

It’s too early to tell if Rio’s new report ‘ The Shocking Truth About How to Tell if a Girl Likes You’, ( will have the same impact on the lives of men as his previous books have had. But if I was a betting man: I’d say that he could expect a lot of men to suddenly become more effective at dating.

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