Phelps Gets the Gold in 200IM Through the Right Mindset; Can Entrepreneurs Reach Goals By Starting with an End in Mind?

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Michael Phelps won yet another gold medal at the Olympics last week, speculators attribute this to his ability to get in a winner’s mindset. This mindset inspired RCBryan & Associates’ iMillionaire Mindset program, which will be released in October of this year.

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Entrepreneurs that start with an end in mind are much more likely to succeed, much like athletes who focus on their end goal. This is why the iMillionaire Mindset program was developed.

Phelps won the gold medal in the 200IM race last week, leaving many spectators inspired by his ability to achieve his goals. Although Phelps had to undergo much training and practice to win his 16th Olympic gold medal, it is the ability to start with an end goal in mind that has allowed him repeat success. With the right mentality, athletes and entrepreneurs alike are able to achieve their goals at higher rates. Getting into the right mindset has become a key part of not only athletics, but also running businesses. Inspired by Phelps 16th gold medal win, RCBryan & Associates has included to start with an end in mind as one of the key factors in their new continuity program.

No matter how close or far away this ‘end’ may be, having the goal of turning a company into a million dollar organization is a great, tangible goal to have in mind. Much like the Olympic swimming races, achieving this goal requires not only a plan, but also the right mindset. Entrepreneurs may never be a millionaire business owner if they don’t have a millionaire mindset, just like athletes may never be Olympians if they don’t think that way. The iMillionaire Mindset program, launching in October of 2012, will help business owners to keep an end in mind as they travel their paths to success.

The good news is that adopting this millionaire mindset is easier than many people think; it doesn’t require the rigorous training that Phelps had to undergo. Instead, the iMillionaire Mindset continuity package tells any internet entrepreneur how to get in this mindset and ultimately reach an entrepreneur's end goals. This program was designed specifically with online entrepreneurs in mind and was inspired by Olympic athletes, like Phelps, and their ability to start with an end in mind throughout their sporting events. The package is designed to detail the ways in which business owners can develop a millionaire mindset and use that mindset to take their company to the successful place they’ve always wanted it to be at.

RCBryan & Associates continuity package, as part of the iMillionaire Mindset program, offers to show business owners how to get in the millionaire mindset and how to create an achievable end goal. The importance of the mindset is shown through Phelps’s victory—he had his end goal in mind, so he achieved success. With live business events, conference calls, Q&A sessions, forums, and newsletters, internet business owners can stay in touch with the latest techniques and approaches needed to find the success that most business owners are looking for. For more information on the iMillionaire Mindset program that will be available starting October of 2012, call RCBryan & Associates at 888-722-7926 or visit their website.

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