New Coupon Codes From Can Help Dieters Lose Weight While Saving Money

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In the midst of rising obesity rates and the continuing economic crisis, consumers can feel comforted in saving on their diet plans at

The website offers weight loss coupons for some of the most popular professionally-prepared diet plans in the U.S., with deals ranging from free shipping to up to 30% off online orders. The coupon codes posted vary according to the plan selected, but all are instantly redeemable—no clipping required.

“People tend to think of professional weight loss plans as expensive, but switching to one would actually help most people who are overweight, and especially obese, save money,” said the owner of, a weight loss advocate and former marathon runner. “Not only would a typical overweight or obese person be eating less by focusing on appropriately-sized portions, the meals themselves are generally cheaper than similar dishes from restaurants, especially when ordered using weight loss coupons.”

In today’s economic environment, the extra spending that comes with extra weight is no small matter—recent research by George Washington University found that the average obese person loses thousands of dollars per year as a result of their excess weight. For men, that number is $2,626 per year, but for women, it’s a powerful $4,879.

The difference in numbers between the sexes partially reflects the 1.5 to 15% lower wage that obese women earn, possibly as a result of weight discrimination, which adds up to $1,855 in missed income annually. Obese women also miss out on $674 worth of earnings as a result of sick days taken each year, while obese men lose $212.

For both sexes, part of the total cost comes from the extra $1,474 in medical costs that obese people pay yearly, and that’s not counting over-the-counter drugs or supplements. The George Washington University study also found that obese people spend $21 to $23 more a year on gas and $111 more on life insurance.

“When you look at the cost of a professional diet plan versus the cost of obesity, it’s clear that staying heavy is the more expensive option,” said the webmaster of “With all of the different diet plans and weight loss coupons to choose from, it’s a better time than ever to shed those extra pounds.” also provides promo codes for popular brands of home fitness equipment, such as Bowflex and Total Gym, to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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