Securing Hotels, Convention Centers, Movie Theaters during High Risk Events

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New Threats Require a New Approach. The safety of the public now requires a better security plan to protect them from being targeted. Global Elite Group offers newly designed services for property owners, event planners and security directors responsible for public safety.

"A one-size fits all approach or just focusing in on one type of threat is not wise. Global Elite Group provides a multi-layered approach to determining what type of threats an event planner or property management company needs to seriously consider."

Global Elite Group reports its event security management service is experiencing growth as property owners are becoming increasingly more aware of the benefits of having additional security. Providing an extra layer of security was once only considered for VIPs, celebrities and officials—9-11 changed all that as the general public face an increasing threat landscape, ever since.

During this time nearly 62 hotels worldwide have been targeted in over 20 different countries. The goal is the same in every instance to inflict fear, death, destruction, while having an economic impact on those organizations. Revamping the security approach is an area Global advises its clients on, as new threats arise. “A one-size fits all approach or just focusing in on one type of threat is not wise. Global Elite Group provides a multi-layered approach to determining what type of threats an event planner or property management company needs to seriously consider,” explained Will McGuire, President and CEO of Global Elite Group based in New York.

The Global approach includes a combination of planning, innovation and well-proven solutions to protect people. As attacks are typically perpetrated with the use of fire arms or explosive devices, a security detail will begin sweeps of the location many days prior to the event, enforce strict access control protocols by only permitting authorized persons to access. As the event nears, certain areas will be locked down.

Due to the increase in the use of explosives, the Global canine unit will be part of these sweeps to check for actual explosive devices and residue. “Most often those with ill intentions will begin surveillance of their intended target many days in advance, bomb making residue is often tracked in, alerting us that something is not as it should be. Our specially trained canine units will pick up on this,” McGuire added.

Considered soft targets to stage an attack; hotels, resorts, movie theaters (the Aurora attack may spurn interest by terrorist groups having seen the impact) and convention centers face the possibility of a threat nearly all the time. Working closely with management and property owners to develop plans for additional security is now a common occurrence for Global Elite Group. “A property will have increased exposure from a high profile event. People who are looking to do harm will often choose to target a location for its size and for their connection to an event,” stated McGuire. Since Occupy Wall Street and sadly the tragic events in Colorado, places that are open to the public need to have increased security. “A strict security protocol needs to be in-place. More and more hotels and large-scale event locations, understand this,” McGuire added.

Convention centers, resorts, movie theaters, hotels, malls and sports venues are open to the public providing a staging area for someone looking to do harm. “These large public places make it easy for an aggressor to study the layout and plot an attack. Having a good security system with cameras combined with video analytics, perimeter security or a plan for securing the perimeter should something happen can reduce the danger to staff and guests,” stated Bryan Davis, Director of Marketing & Sales for Global Elite, adding, “Global recently handled the security for the cable network show Pawn Stars. This popular show draws people from all parts of society and it is filmed with live audiences. Understanding what can happen and planning for it puts our clients’ mind at ease. They put on the event, we make sure it is secure.”

About Global Elite Group: The company provides security and emergency management services for companies of all sizes and is known for its aviation security programs for over 28 airlines located in the U.S. and abroad including United, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Emirates. The company is always expanding service offerings to compliment the security needs of individuals, companies and high profile travelers. The company is also TSA certified to provide screenings to individuals and groups. Global Elite is also a full-service event security management company with security details available for deployment to cover small venues to large-scale multi location events. The company has been a security provider to the United Nations, U.S. Government, Olympics, Microsoft, news organizations and travelling VIPs. Other services include risk assessments and asset protection.

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