Florida Land Trust Consultants Provides New Research Software that helps Property Owners who Want to Save or Sell Their Home

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As reported by major media outlet 60 Minutes on CNBC (http://youtu.be/HL1QGmg-7GM), many banks have been found and in some cases admitted to committing fraudulent activities, losing the note and numerous violations of federal and state laws. Real-estate law is black and white, leaving no room for interpretation or doubt.

Florida Land Trust Consultants

We are here to help property owners

Florida Land Trust Consultants specializes in trustee services for property owners and, if accepted, a trustee can create a land trust to protect and defend a property owner from foreclosure, IRS liens, HOA’s and other creditors or liens.

The company has developed powerful software that analyzes all property sales, transfers and recordings statewide. It can determine if there is evidence or reason to believe that a property owner’s mortgage may have been subject to an improper assignment, can be legally voided or found unenforceable in a court of law.

This is not foreclosure defense. Florida Land Trust Consultants does not stall, avoid or delay foreclosure. This is a proactive, aggressive litigation with specific outcomes in which the bank is placed on the defense and on your time-line. Through a litigation trust counsel service, it will be determined if your mortgage is enforceable, can be reduced or totally eliminated in Civil Court. In some cases, the company will offer a cash settlement for upside-down properties as well.

This service is designed for property owners who:

  •     Have received an assignment (foreclosure) during the life of their loan.
  •     Have had a change of lender.
  •     Have had a MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) loan
  •     Have unrecorded interests that can be found during a title search.

Recently, several of the company's clients have received favorable outcomes and were able to obtain final judgments against their lenders, such as:

  •     A recent Miami Dade Case no: 2009-56339-CA-01 where defendant also won by involuntary dismissal and attorney was also awarded attorneys fees. In this case the lender cannot foreclosure on property and property will go into quiet title action.
  •     Citibank vs. Neyma Soltura, where defendant was able to dismiss a foreclosure action after 4 years in litigation. Miami–Dade Case no: 2008-50548-CA-01.
  •     Additional information can be found at here!

These types of cases are unique and require very complex litigation. Most clients wait too long to make a move and end up losing their property. It's important to note that not all properties are accepted by Florida Land Trust Consultants; only the cases that the company feels confident and capable in assisting against fraudulent bank activities.

Services offered by trust counsel on behalf of Florida Land Trust Services’ affiliates and beneficiaries include:

  •     Preemptive litigation against mortgagees or their assignees seeking

        A. Declaratory judgment as to the enforceability of a mortgage.
        B. Declaratory judgment as to the validity of an assignment of mortgage.
        C. Declaratory judgment resolving competing claims to realty.
        D. Declaratory judgment as to the enforceability of a mortgage note.

  •     Defense of claims brought by mortgagees or their assignees with counterclaims.
  •     Defense of claims brought by payees or assignees and mortgage notes with counterclaims.
  •     Lender approved short sale with or without cash to seller.
  •     Cash for Keys program for those who is looking for an easy method to walk away from their property.
  •     Keeping Liens and Judgments off the Property: When property is held in a trust, judgments and liens do not attach to the land. Therefore, a beneficiary may freely sell his or her beneficial interest even with numerous certified judgments against his or her own name in the public records. This also applies to IRS liens.
  •     Protection of FICA: Clients have access to independent counsel who provide personal services including the enforcement of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, and representation before the Internal Revenue Service when a 1099-C has been improperly issued by a creditor.

Prior to accepting any clients or property into trust, a seller is required to have a consultation with an independent Attorney.

Contact Florida Land Trust Consultants for more information and start the path to relieving the worries behind certain title problems or incorrect mortgage assignments.

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