Freethinking Renegade Awareness Month Continues, Targeting Financial Stress

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Last week the public was encouraged to take part in a 3 part blog/video series on obliterating career stress. This week the focus is on financial stress. In honor of Freethinking Renegade Awareness Month - this great 3 part blog/video encourages the public to think smarter about personal finances.

As continues to celebrate the official launch of Freethinking Renegade Awareness Month they are excited to see the nation take responsibility for life matters that cause stress. Last week the public was encouraged to take part in a 3 part blog/video series on obliterating career stress. This week the focus is on financial stress.

It’s logical to conclude that financial stress is most significantly tied to career stress (or Job Security), after all, there is very little money if one is unemployed.

Looking at recent statistics According to Cato Institute, The American Welfare State, April 11, 2012,: Forty-six million Americans live in poverty. That accounts for 15.1 percent of Americans which is the highest level in nearly a decade. Since Obama took office, federal expenditures on welfare have increased by 41 percent, more than $193 billion per year.

In another release, the jobless rate in the Euro area reached it’s highest on records dating to 1995 as the debt crisis and deepening economic slump prompted companies to cut jobs.

Unemployment in the economy of the 17 nations using the Euro reached a revised 11.2 percent in May and held at that level in June.

Drought, foreclosures, housing price declines are also at an all-time high as are the cost of goods and standard living expenses as well. We are all making less money or none at all and are burdened by the increasing cost of living.

This is so far reaching that our children are being impacted. Now we have learned that 3 out of every 10 New Yorkers between the ages of 25 and 30 are living with their parents. Inceptia reported that students are being forced to reduce their course load to deal with stressors, including the cost of education and need to repay loans.

We are all impacted one way or another by these horrific numbers and yet – consumer spending is steady. Yes, people are saving more – but they also need to spend less.

Happiness should not come at a price. We need to build awareness of this and stop being a part of the statistical nightmares researchers and study groups continue to flood us with.

Freethinking Renegade Awareness Month, challenges the world to stop for just a few days and take inventory of what is really happening in our lives. We need to bring awareness to how we perceive our personal status in life and business, and why. We need to ask ourselves what we are doing to create our problems, what we are not doing to fix them, how we can break our intrinsically bad habits in order to reprogram ourselves for more euphoric levels of happiness and success.

Founder of, Brian Grasso says “We all have it in us to live a life of ecstasy; a life of truly profound bliss – as long as we are aware.”

If we do not build our awareness from a systemic level (looking at our hearts, minds, body and SOUL as a collective unit – where one feeds the other) we will not and can not get there. Simply “acting” aware as opposed to digging deep inside and being aware from a core level would be the equivalent to treating a symptom of a bigger problem with pharmaceutical drugs. It’s a band-aid effect. We need to break through to the root cause first. Depending on our age, there are many areas to focus on, but we must all start somewhere.

Brian concedes that “This is why we led with Career Stress for Awareness Month and are now targeting financial stress. It’s a symptom of something far greater for everyone, however, it infects billions of people around the globe.”

Much like the preaching’s of Deepak Chopra or Mahatma Ghandi – Brian’s message is clear. We control our own destiny. We simply need to be believe it and take responsibility for it.

To learn more about how you can become aware and begin reduce your financial stress visit
About Brian Grasso founded the FTR Nation in an effort to challenge you respectfully ignore the rules and inspire the extraordinary. To be a Freethinking Renegade is to live a life of purpose and defines success on your own terms. Visit today to break through the ordinary and truly start living!

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