Bay Area Attorney Gerald Sterns Unsurprised by Chevron's Silence in Not Identifying Particles in toxic Smoke Spew Blanketing Area

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Gerald Sterns experiences "deja vu" as he claims Chevron has yet to come clean with the public, after their refinery spewed toxic smoke. Sterns claims corporate stalling. Sterns says their site identifies the long-term damage from simple exhaust, but add a refinery fire belching toxins for hours, and the situation is sooty grim. Sterns' goal is to finally end Chevron's stalling.

For the second time in just five years, the Bay Area suffered a major blowout after a toxic brew of dangerous chemicals spewed into the air directly over a metropolitan area, and home for millions. It's time for Chevron to answer for this.

Although Chevron responded to their latest disaster with sirens, comforting press releases, and corporate stalling; government officials have long warned of the dangers of diesel-like and other exhaust from fine-particle pollution. Sterns' goal is accountability for Chevron's largely unaddressed, full scale toxic cloud spew.

Most at-risk remains Contra Costa seniors who suffer from lung disease, including asthma and emphysema. However, as the lungs of small children are also under-developed, they too might suffer. While sirens wailing through the night is a step in the right direction, according to Sterns it's also closing the barn door after the horse has left the stable. Sterns & Walker has a long history of representing those who have suffered lung damage from fires. Sterns & Walker address Chevron's latest accident with the separate website, to better meet the needs of Chevron's Contra Costa, and other county victims. Already the website draws a comparison to East Bay sailors who had to take down their blackened, sooty sails as reported in several publications - to the lungs of victims.

Sterns & Walker, along with others whom work in similar matters, stands ready and able to address victim needs. Sterns & Walker has no charges up front, all legal fees and expense are paid at the end of the day out of the class funds and those are set by the court, to ensure fairness.

"Contact us today if you want to be involved, and to tell Chevron in no uncertain terms: No More."

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