MAPlanz: Top 5 Reasons Seniors Review Their Medicare Options Now

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Monroe-based MAPlanz wants to remind seniors why the summer months are the best time to begin planning for Medicare coverage choices.

Medicare insurance expert Gregory Judd of MA Planz observes. "If you are Medicare-eligible, or you help someone with their Medicare coverage choices, there is no time like the present to take basic steps to size up the choices you can make this fall."

Area seniors and their families are increasingly turning to MAPlanz, located in Monroe, Conn., for Medicare planning solutions. The company's goal is to help clients understand the Medicare process and to assist them in getting the most from their benefits. To help accomplish this, MAPlanz recommends that seniors begin planning for their Medicare coverage choices during the summer. Why? Here are the top five reasons:

1) Summertime is on your side (yes it is) When seniors and their families start looking at their Medicare coverage choices during the summer, they have time to let the facts and details soak in. To ask for, and receive, informative materials about coverage options. To ask questions. To get clear replies, and to confirm everything is understood, without “deadline pressure”.
2) Availability of most trusted advisors Most people like to make important decisions about their health and wealth with the trusted advice of their family members and friends. At the same time, most people DISlike "bugging" those they trust for help when it is not convenient. Seniors can use summer family get-togethers to share ideas, and give their "brain trust" the chance to provide their wisest counsel.
3) Much less Medicare advertising "fog" During the fall annual enrollment period, health insurers fill the airwaves with product pitches. Seniors’ decisions are best guided by their genuine health coverage needs and circumstances, rather than attractiveness of product pitchmen and commercial jingles.
4) Medicare coverage experts are more available to help you now When the fall enrollment period arrives, subject-matter authorities - insurance brokers, agents, consultants, and other financial advisors - are devoted to the coverage needs of their current clients, and to managing enrollment and other transactional activity. Seniors are simply less likely to have their full, focused attention in October.
5) Time to be the smartest person in the room Getting the jump on the fall scramble for Medicare coverage options and information enables seniors and their family members to smile, rather than sweat, when their spouse - or their Mom or Dad - casually asks, "so what’s your opinion of (XYZ) Medicare option"?

A summer review of Medicare coverage options is NOT the first thing on everyone’s mind, or to-do list. But it just could be the one simple activity that makes those fall Medicare coverage choices as easy and care-free as a summer day.

Gregory Judd, a licensed health insurance professional, created MAPlanz to address health insurance needs of those who are eligible for Medicare insurance, and the families and friends of those who support them. He has a track record of success with the development and implementation of health plans for families and enterprises. Greg is also appointed with region’s leading senior health insurers. He is focused on your needs, because he understands the importance of having support and coverage for medical bills and prescriptions. Call 203-231-1372 to ask Greg for some pointers, or visit now, for more information.

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