Bed Bugs Make the Top Consumer Complaints List; BedBugsinNewYork Shares the Secret to Reduce the Expenses They Cause

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A recent survey revealed that bed bugs are now among the fastest-growing complaints of consumers. And so, to help the public effectively deal with the pests and reduce the expenses they bring, BedBugsinNewYork suggested the use of a non-toxic bed bug product called Bed Bug Bully.

With Bed Bug Bully... a bed bug sufferer could eliminate bed bugs effectively without the danger of harsh chemical ingredients and huge spending.

Over the years, bed bug infestation has become prevalent. The survey by the Consumer Federation of America and North American Consumer Protection Investigators showing that bed bugs are among the fastest-growing consumer complaints proves that statement correct. And so to help everyone battle bed bugs without spending too much and risking anyone's health, introduced and recommended the use of its non-toxic bed bug product. ()

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The said survey was related to the public by a report from It detailed that the data the survey analyzed were from March 2011 to May 2012 gathered from 38 states. Additionally, it shared that the said vampire-like pests topped the fastest-growing consumer complaints' category along with other landlord/tenant problems and home repair scams.

Basically, bed bug infestation has become the fastest-growing consumer complaints because of pests' quickness, said said. Small and fast-moving as they are, bed bugs are quick to transfer from place to place widening their infestation coverage, explained the site. And because they don't look at a place's cleanliness, everybody is at risk of their presence.

Apart from that, the blood-fed pests are also quick to multiply. In just a short time, just a two or three of them can turn into a massive infestation which presents a risk for a wider spread and causes several problems. Those problems, they can range from financial to mental.

To prevent those troubles that bed bugs can bring, there are now several products that consumers can purchase. The problem is that only a few of them are effective. Worse is that among those few solutions, only a small number is safe.

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And so, BedBugsInNewYork advises all property owners to always check the product before buying it. Specifically though, it said that everyone must choose a non-toxic and effective solution among others. And given that its own bed bug spray is made with natural ingredients, it asserted it's one of the best, if not th best product, a person can get.

With a brand name Bed Bug Bully, a representative for BedBugsInNewYork said that their solution is the secret of many pest-control companies for delivering impressive bed bug treatment. It added that because of its effectiveness, it offered contractors less labor cost and more profit. Those financial benefits and more, it said, can now be experienced by the public as the company just renewed it licensed and made the product available even to homeowners.

With Bed Bug Bully, the company stated that a bed bug sufferer could eliminate bed bugs effectively without the danger of harsh chemical ingredients and huge spending. And so, why not try it, it urged the public.

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