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A new article highlights the vital importance of self-branding for those seeking employment; the article has won the attention of

Online reputation management may have begun as an industry tailored to the needs of business owners, but it is hardly just the province of businesses any longer. More and more, individuals and private citizens are seeking to take control of the way they are presented on the Internet. In particular, job seekers are increasingly concerned about how they come across on online search engines—and for good reason. A recent article from LifeHacker suggests that online reputation is a major priority for those looking for work. “Your search results can paint a picture of who you are to prospective employers, and if those results contain a number of negative items it can hurt your chances,” says the LifeHacker article. The piece has won the attention of, an industry-leading reputation defense company that renders its services to corporations and to individuals alike. CEO Cliff Stein has responded to the article with a statement to the press.

Stein says that one thing about the article is particularly praiseworthy. “What the article really gets right is the importance of self-branding,” Stein muses. “For many people, reputation management is strictly reactionary. You start defending your reputation only after it has come under attack. This is a wrong-headed approach, because if you wait until attacks appear, then damage has already been done. In order to head them off at the pass, it is vital to be proactive in building an online brand.”

LifeHacker’s article notes that, for those seeking employment, maintaining vigorous online activity is a good way to create a positive impression. Sites like LinkedIn, as well as social networks, can be leveraged by a job seeker wishing to portray himself or herself in a positive light. The article also notes that starting a blog is a good way to build a personal brand—particularly if that blog is hosted by a Google-approved site such as Wordpress.

Stein says that this proactive approach to self-branding is invaluable to any individual who is currently in the market for a job. “By creating plenty of good, compelling content about yourself, you’re ensuring that when a prospective employer searches for you on the Web, he or she finds something positive. In effect, you’re insulating yourself against negative search listings.”

The CEO says that these defensive measures are essential, because negative listings can appear at any time. “It is growing harder and harder to maintain a positive online reputation,” Stein says. “It’s not enough to keep your mug shot out of the paper. An old frat party photo or a DUI record can surface any time, and sink your online reputation.”

Stein goes on to say that being vigilant against these negative listings is important for any job seeker, but sometimes starting a blog and launching some social media profiles is not enough. “If a really embarrassing photo surfaces, or a particularly scandalous listing, it can prove difficult to suppress it,” he explains. “The more time those listings spend on Google, however, the more damage they are likely to do. Individuals need to act quickly to defend themselves.”

That is where the services of come into play. Stein’s company has delivered reputation monitoring and defense services to countless individuals, in many different fields. “We have helped many job seekers who found their reputations derailed by unsavory search listings,” offers Stein. “While we cannot prevent negative listings from appearing, we can do everything in our power to suppress those listings, and to seek to keep those listings away from prospective employers.”


Regarded as the #1 reputation management company in the world, is an agency that is zealous for helping companies and individuals take control of their online image. The firm was developed in 2009 by a team of seasoned online professionals, including SEO strategists, marketing executives, and social media gurus. Since then, the firm has come to be celebrated as one of the most powerful and effective forces in the online reputation management business. operates under the simple belief that companies have the right to protect themselves from online defamation, and that individuals should have tools available for preventing online embarrassment. As such, has delivered its services to Fortune 500 brands and small businesses, as well as online advertisers, elected officials, and private citizens.

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