McKayla Maroney Falls and Fails to Get the Vault Gold; GreenBeanBuddy Says

McKayla Maroney of the US's gymnast team failed to capture the gold after her fall. Nevertheless, GreenBeanBuddy agreed with critics that she's still the best gymnast on the vault.

Decatur, GA (PRWEB) August 08, 2012

Another disappointment hit the US gymnast team on Sunday. McKayla Maroney, the reigning world champion on the vaults failed to capture the gold as reported by However, after going through the details of how it happened, commented that the young Maroney remains the best gymnast on the vaults.

Based on the report, the 16-year-old Maroney had to settle with silver after an unexpected fall on her second performance. Though she did very well on her first attempt of Amanar vault, she failed to do the same on her second try and landed on her rear.

As detailed by the report, the gymnast's first Amanar vault got her a score of 15.866. But on her second attempt, she only garnered a 14.300 score. Her average of 15.083 came second to Romania's Sandra Raluca Izbasa's 15.191 points and was followed by Russia's Maria Paseka's 15.050.

But despite falling to second place, the report related that critics still hail Maroney as the best gymnast on the vault. The fact that she got silver though she fell proved that true as one of her fans expressed on twitter.

Here's an excerpt of the post Maroney Slipped the Gold by

“Coming into the women's vault finals, McKayla Maroney was the crowd's favorite. After all, she is the reigning world champion and described by many as the best gymnast on the vault. However, things did not go her way on Sunday as she only got the silver to bring home.

On her first vault, the 16-year-old did very well. She scored 15.866 leaving others trailing behind her. Her second performance though did not go the same. She failed to perfectly complete her routine as she slipped and landed on her rear. She only got 14.3 for it and her two performances got her an average of 05.083.”

According to entertainment and sports new website, Maroney showed maturity beyond her years when asked about failing to get the gold. It related that the gymnast responded she didn't deserve the gold if she landed on her bottom. But though she fell, the fact that she still won silver displayed her athletic caliber commented the website.

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