Dr. Ronald Wright Jr. of Nashville Offers Tips to Prevent Dental Damage

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A recent article reveals crucial tips for maintaining strong, healthy teeth—tips that have won the affirmation of leading endodontist Dr. Ronald Wright of Nashville.

The most fundamental oral hygiene practices are commonly known. From an early age, Americans are taught the importance of brushing their teeth regularly, perhaps two or three times per day. Similarly, most Americans know that flossing can prevent tooth and gum disease, and that an abundance of sugary foods can cause cavities. Other oral hygiene practices are not as well known, however. A recent article offered some surprising tips for maintaining healthy teeth and a bright smile—and the article has won the affirmation of leading endodontist Dr. Ronald Wright Jr. of Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Ronald Wright is passionate about proper dental care. As such, he has responded to the new article with a statement to the press, encouraging readers to take these dental tips seriously. “I see dozens, if not hundreds of teeth per year which require nonsurgical endodontic, or root canal therapy, due to cracks,” says Dr. Wright. “Many of these teeth cannot be saved even with endodontic therapy and must be extracted.” By observing the best practices of oral hygiene, he says, patients can minimize the risk of this kind of tooth damage.

Dr. Ronald Wright Jr. of Nashville says that some of the tips from the article are especially important. The article’s first tip is to avoid using the teeth as a tool for opening difficult packaging. According to the article, teeth were simply not meant to be used as tools for opening bottles or bags, and using them in that way can cause physical trauma. Dr. Wright agrees, saying tooth cracking can be avoided by keeping real tools, like scissors, easily accessible.

The article also notes that chewing ice can cause severe damage. While chewing on ice is a common habit, particularly upon finishing a beverage, the hardness of ice, combined with its coldness, can actually cause teeth to fracture.

Dr. Ronald Wright of Nashville draws attention to another tip from the article, this one exhorting readers to avoid sucking on lemons. While Dr. Wright notes that this is another common habit, and may seem harmless, sucking on heavily acidic foods, namely lemons, can actually cause erosion to the teeth.

One final tip from the article is to avoid hard toothbrush bristles. Many dentists urge patients to use brushes marked as “gentle,” minimizing the risk of undue wear and tear.


Dr. Ronald Wright Jr. is a leading endodontist, serving patients in the Nashville and Columbia, Tennessee area. Dr. Wright works to ensure that his patients attain expert corrective treatments to fix issues regarding soft-tissue areas of teeth. Dr. Ronald Wright Jr. of Nashville acquired his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Tennessee and completed advanced Endodontic training at the University of Maryland. Dr. Wright has also served the academic community as Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Maryland while completing Endodontic coursework and obtaining a Master of Science in Oral Biology. He has served as a part time clinical instructor, as well, at the University Of Tennessee Health Science Center College Of Dentistry.

To learn more about services offered by Dr. Ronald Wright Jr. of Nashville, patients can visit http://www.drwrightendo.com.

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