Rug Rat Racer: The World's First Carpet Gliding Craft

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Indoor radio controlled toy glides atop any carpeted surface without wheels, tracks or air cushion.

The simple and efficient design of Rug Rat Racer produces thrilling speeds, long run times and unmatched agility.

Toy grade RC cars designed for in-home use are underpowered, slow and struggle to run on carpeted surfaces. This puts a great strain on their batteries causing them to rapidly deplete. You spend more time charging batteries than you do playing with toy grade RC cars.
        Hobby grade RC cars are expensive and overpowered for in-home use. Due to their rugged construction and use of hard plastic and metal parts their use in homes most often results in damage to walls and furniture.
        RC hovercraft designed for in-home use like any full scale hover craft, is known as an air cushion vehicle. A constant supply of air is needed to permit forward travel. Often times these RC hovercraft are quipped with separate lift and thrust fans. This design is inherently power hungry and difficult to control due to inherent drift and tendency for craft to rotate in direction of lift fan motor travel.
        Developed by Newpro Development, the patent pending Rug Rat Racer is the world’s first CGC (Carpet Gliding Craft). An indoor radio controlled toy designed specifically for use on any carpeted surface..
        Unlike RC hovercraft which require a constant supply of air beneath its underpinnings to provide for hovering and to enable forward motion, the Rug Rat Racer has no need for a lift fan or cushion of air. Due to the lack of lift fan(s), the Rug Rat Racer consumes less power, resulting in longer run times per charge cycle. Marginal friction with said surface enables the Rug Rat Racer to operate with shark-like agility that is unmatched by any surface or air cushion type RC vehicle. Unlike RC hover craft, the Rug Rat Racer has built-in braking inherent to its design.
        The Rug Rat Racer strikes a balance to provide more than adequate, power, precise control, superior agility and reduced part count.
To view a demonstration of an early Rug Rat Racer prototype, please visit

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