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Share Article - the pioneer in truly private domain registrations - on the occasion of its 7th Anniversary offers a 15% discount for the whole range of products.

... there are truly private domain registrars and those who just want to sell more domains.

Nowadays, it is hard to find a hosting company that does not offer domain WHOIS privacy protection to their clients. And unfortunately, this does not mean that all those hosting companies strive to protect their customers' personal information. Rather, they want to keep up with the latest trends and not miss a single potential client. "Just like with any product, you may get good quality or not. The same applies to private domain registrations - there are truly anonymous domain registrars and those who care more about the marketing side than the product itself." - says Gleb Chudnovsky, the COO of YoHOST.ORG (visit http://YoHOST.ORG) - Anonymous Hosting and Domain Solutions.

The difference between truly anonymous domain registrars and those who are not, is really big. The former do not require any personal information during domain registration. YoHOST.ORG is a pioneer in truly anonymous domain registrations and offers 2-layer WHOIS privacy protection which guarantees the anonymity of one's identity.

Most registrars use client's personal information in domain contact details and this information is covered by the registrar's own corporate information in WHOIS lookups. At first glance, everything seems ok, but what happens when the registrar receives a complaint against the domain owner? The registrar disables privacy protection, and your personal information is out on the web ("Do Anonymous Domain Registration Outfits Actually Work?"-

With YoHOST's anonymous private domain registration one does not need to worry about their identity being exposed in WHOIS lookups. Not only YoHOST protects the domain owner's privacy with its 100% anonymous registration, it is also an offshore registrar which means that the domain is shielded by the safe heavens of an offshore jurisdiction. YoHOST currently registers domains in Malaysia and Panama. One of the leading offshore hosting providers since 2005. YoHOST now offers a whole range of offshore hosting solutions for small and medium size businesses. We currently have over 500 clients and over 300 have been hosting with us for over 3 years! Now, that's an accomplishment that we have decided to celebrate by extending to all our new customers 15% off our entire line of services including new domain registrations.

Why Register a Private Domain at YoHOST?

There are several advantages of registering one's new domain with or transferring an existing domain to YoHOST.ORG. First of all, the complete anonymity. Our clients have been anxious to find safe heavens with us for their online ventures after having been booted by their web hosts. Having the domain hijacked by a mainstream registrar is no fun matter. Once most registrars receive a complaint from some bogus source about the domain allegedly violating certain rules, they rush to suspend the domain and shut down the services. This is not the way we do business at YoHOST. We fight for each and single client and our army of lawyers looks at each and single complaint we receive, evaluating it according to the laws of our offshore jurisdiction.

Projects that require a second layer of identity protection (e.g. for political or safety reasons), online currency services, offshore merchants and blackhat software developers register domains and host them with YoHOST because we protect the freedom of speech, and the freedom of enterprise by all means. The past 7 years of our service were marked by trust and innovation and we will continue to honor these principles in the future.

Visit our website to learn more about our 2-layer private domains and other offshore hosting solutions.

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