Capital Meats Is a Healthier Option for On-the-Go Families

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Although many are aware of the lack of nutritional value that fast food offers, many busy families still find it necessary to stop at these popular chains. Capital Meats, supplier of All Natural and USDA Choice meats, discusses additional reasons to avoid fast food and cook at home instead.

Since the premiere of the Super Size Me documentary, Americans have become increasingly concerned about what goes into the foods they typically enjoy at many popular fast food chains. While there has been a growing focus on the ingredients that make up the meats that are in fast food items, a recent Forbes article reveals additional hazards that are posed by improper cleaning and preparation procedures. Capital Meats, a company that provides and ships healthy, quality cuts of beef, seafood, chicken and pork to consumers, discusses ways to avoid the drive-thru and cook at home with convenience.

According to the article there are several preparation methods in fast food restaurants that may take away from the health value that many customers expect by choosing a menu item. For example, the article claims that those who opt for the “healthy” choice of a chicken sandwich may not realize that employees are instructed to layer the patties in liquid margarine to keep the meat “juicy” and prevent it from sticking to the grill. In addition, unpopular burger options will sit around all day until they are ordered. One fast food employee explains in the article, “Never get a steakhouse burger at [Name withheld]. We’re lucky if we sell three a day. And that means if we make one in the morning, and nobody orders one until around 5 p.m., you’re getting a piece of meat that’s six hours old.”

Although Capital Meats understands that the convenience of fast food can be especially appealing to large families, the company states that ease is not worth compromising health. Instead, the company suggests pre-packaged, All Natural, USDA Choice meat products that allow a family to be constantly aware of everything that goes into their food preparation.

Capital Meats Representative Keith Byrd explains, “Distrust of fast food is one of the reasons why we started Capital Meats. We wanted to know where our food came from, and allow us to prepare it the way we chose - without all of these hidden fats and unhealthy ingredients. Capital Meats strives to provide the best quality and cleanest meat products available, and our products are flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed individually, so you can prepare them quickly and efficiently.”


Since 1997, Capital Meats has offered families the convenience of fast and easy nutritious meals at an unprecedented value and quality. Family-owned and founded in Winchester, Virginia, this company delivers the same level of great taste and quality that customers would expect from high-end restaurants. All Capital Meats beef, poultry and pork products come from American sources. To ensure ongoing quality regardless of season, the company’s seafood comes from a wide variety of national and international locations. Products are prepared in a wholesome manner, flash-frozen and packaged individually to ensure a great tasting meal that can be easily shipped to one’s home address.

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