Radio Talk Show Host Curt Linderman Talks about His Son's Autism

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Are There Alternatives to Childhood Vaccines? Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water interview of June 4, 2012 with Linderman Unleashed host Curt Linderman.

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Curt Linderman and his wife wanted to be responsible parents when their 20-month old son became ill with the flu. The pediatrician suggested delaying scheduled immunization shots until after the child recovered. When they finally brought their son in, the toddler was given a total of nine vaccines in six shots.

Within hours, the child stopped talking, walking and looking at people. These, according to Linderman, are classic symptoms of vaccine injury and vaccine induced autism.

On June 4, 2012, Sharon Kleyne interviewed Curt Linderman, host of Linderman Unleashed ( and author of numerous articles on possible linkages between vaccine injuries and the autism epidemic. Podcasts of the interview may be heard on and

Linderman acknowledges that his views on vaccine induced autism are controversial and that many in the medical profession disagree with him. However, Kleyne and Linderman both emphasized that no matter where you stand, proactive self-education is essential prior to any major decision about your health or the health of your children.

Kleyne and Linderman believe that because we are all different, it may be unwise to always follow the advice of a medical practitioner without first doing your own research, asking many questions, seeking alternatives and filtering the doctor's recommendations through your own knowledge of yourself. Parents have a doubly important responsibility to take these steps on behalf of their children. According to Sharon Kleyne, although vaccines have saved many lives, being immunized could, for some people, lead to unwise risk talking because they assume they are "protected."    

Part of proactive self-education is being aware when recommendation is controversial and keeping yourself informed about opposing views. For that reason, Sharon Kleyne believes that Linderman performs an invaluable service and is convinced that there is much to be learned – by the public and the medical profession – from his tragic experience.        

According to recent statistics, the incidence of autism is growing rapidly in the United States, with estimates as high as one child in 90. Some attribute this to increased awareness and better reporting of borderline cases and "autism spectrum" conditions such as Aspberger's syndrome.
Linderman believes that medical studies suggesting no association between the administration of immunizing vaccines to children and the onset of autism may be flawed. He cites numerous anecdotal reports of children being immunized, then developing autism symptoms shortly after.

The United States government acknowledges that vaccine injuries do occur but statistically, they mostly consist of severe allergic reactions.

The primary vaccine under scrutiny both as an autism trigger and for allergic reactions, is MMR (mumps-measles-rubella). There are also vaccines available for diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, smallpox, polio, influenza, typhoid, pneumonia, cholera and HPV. Medical professionals believe that the benefits of these vaccines far outweigh the potential for harmful side-effects.

Most medical practitioners would concur that the best immunization is a lifetime of well researched health, diet, hydration and lifestyle choices. According to Kleyne and Linderman, the healthiest foods contain no additives or adulteration and are grown in soils that have not been depleted of nutrients. Mrs. Kleyne stresses the importance of hydration and recommends eight to ten glasses of water a day.

Linderman says that his child is now 10 and is 65% recovered and doing well. He still requires one-on-one assistance but gets all A's in school.

The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water is broadcast live on Mondays, 10 a.m., PST/PDT. The syndicated talk show is heard on Voice America/World Talk Radio, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes. Go to for written summaries and on-demand podcast replays.


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