The Medler Law Firm, L.L.C. 'Goes Wild' Over $5.77 Million Judgment

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Attorney John Medler of the St. Louis-based firm succeeds in securing a large award for an invasion of privacy case against the makers of the “Girls Gone Wild” DVDs.

St Louis Personal Injury Attorney

St Louis Personal Injury Lawyer

The defendants, Mantra Films Inc. and MRA Holding LLC are to award $5.77 million to the plaintiff according to a bench issue outlined in the case documents. The court maintained this was the second trial for the case, as the original judge sided with the defendant. The underlying issue to the case was invasion of privacy. According to court documents, the makers of the “Girls Gone Wild” films did not obtain the consent for an image of the plaintiff to be used in one of their videos, “Girls Gone Wild Sorority Orgy.” This case, number 1222-CC09045, took place at the Carnahan Courthouse in St. Louis Missouri.

According to a June 20th article from the Missouri Lawyers Media, St. Louis Circuit Judge John Riley granted the plaintiff’s motion for a new trial on the basis that the video showed the plaintiff as an unwilling participant in the exposure of her breasts. In the court documents, the judge maintained in the video that the plaintiff can be seen mouthing the word “no” and immediately covering herself after her top was pulled down by an independent contractor for the “Girls Gone Wild” company. The documents upheld that Judge Riley said that the trial verdict went against the weight of the evidence in the case.

The Missouri Lawyers Media wrote a June 20th article that provided the following opinion: on the date of the retrial, the attorney for the company failed to appear in court and resulted in the automatic judgment awarded to the plaintiff’s uncontested case. The opinion of this article also stated that when the company realized their missed trial date they immediately applied for another retrial. Another June 20th article titled “$5.77M Judgment Stands” from the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch expressed opinions that, during the hearing, Attorney John Medler of The Medler Law Firm, L.L.C. provided documents detailing the company’s prior disregard for the justice system. According to the article, Attorney Medler also provided phone call logs, emails, and letters in which he showed that “Girls Gone Wild” was kept informed of the court date.

Attorney John Medler has spent over 20 years handling personal injury cases including class action lawsuits and wrongful death cases. He worked as the General Attorney for SBC Communications and AT&T prior to opening his private practice with his wife. John is a recipient of the SBC Vail award, and the Humanitarian Lifesaver Award from the American Red Cross.

The Medler Law Firm, L.L.C. was founded by John and Tammy Medler. Together they have more than 44 years of combined legal experience as attorneys dedicated to litigation. They have received numerous awards for their work including the Milton F. Napier Trial Prize and the International Trial Lawyers Award. The firm primarily handles personal injury cases such as wrongful death, car accidents, and medical malpractice. For additional information or to schedule a consultation please contact the firm at 866-609-9965 or visit the website at

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