Sir Richard Branson Necker Island Fire - Possible Link to Kate Winslet Ghost Ignites the Media - Ex-Winslet Cottage at Camelot Castle Burns to the Ground -

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A cottage previously owned by Hollywood megastar Kate Winslet burned to the ground and while local officials suspect arson it was reported today by Local Cornish newspapers that local rumors in Tintagel are suggesting that the “Winslet Ghost” started the fire. Suggestions have linked the Ghost with the fire at Necker Island the Luxury Caribbean Private Island home of Sir Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands which mysteriously burned to the ground when Kate Winslet was staying there.

The Kate Winslet Cottage Camelot Castle

It seems that the 'Winslet Ghost' may not have gotten over his encounter with Celebrity

According to the Cornish Guardian Newspaper.

The Winslet Cottage was originally occupied by the engineer of the Camelot Castle Hotel as it housed the generators for Camelot Castle. Camelot Castle was one of the first buildings in England to boast full Electric lighting in 1899.

The story locally is that the engineer returned to haunt the cottage after his death and when Kate Winslet bought the property the Ghost fell madly in love with the starlet. It seems that in death the ghost’s romantic fortune fared no better than can sometime occur in life. As is so often the way in love stories the Ghosts love and passion was apparently unrequited by Kate Winslet who sold the property some months later and married the Hollywood director Sam Mendes and so the “Winslet Ghost”, perhaps feeling snubbed or feeling somewhat jilted has been a sombre specter and is according to local rumor occupying the house. Curiously several attempts to secure planning to rebuild and develop the site have failed. No one has lived in the property since. Although on very dark nights and sometimes when the moon rises above Tintagel lights have been seen.

At 3pm on Tuesday a rainy night a blaze began for no apparent reason which gutted the entire cottage and burnt it to the ground.

“It seems that the 'Winslet Ghost' may not have gotten over his encounter with Celebrity. Of course I suppose Ghosts operate on a different time frame than the living do. Eternity is after all a long time to hang onto the feeling of unrequited love. Whenever we have heard about the Ghost he has always seemed very friendly but who knows perhaps like us all he is prone to changes in his moods. I did hear a local suggestion that the ghost had started the fire at the cottage”, said John Mappin owner of Camelot Castle.

Sir Richard Branson - Necker Island and the Winslet Ghost

“I heard that someone did also have the thought that perhaps the engineers ghost had followed Kate Winslet on her visit to Necker island where there was a fire while Kate was staying on the Richard Branson holiday property. Of course all this is entirely speculation and may be complete imaginings. But interestingly we had a nanny when I was growing up who seemed to be followed by fire all her life. And supernatural phenomena should not ever be completely discounted in life. After all some people think we will all eventually end up as ghosts and that the human spirit is capable of generating great creative and conversely great destructive energy. So I am disinclined to completely dismiss the idea entirely. And of course with regard to ghosts it is always best to keep ones manners in. Up until now by all reports the Winslet Ghost has been very polite to those who have encountered it”, said John Mappin who is the owner of the Camelot Castle.

An international supernatural expert who preferred not to be named made the following observation: “It is quite well recognized that many celebrities actually do have one or a collection of supernatural admirers who follow them about, in fact when the Winslet Ghost was first reported on by the press as early as 2001 and other celebrities heard about it, it resulted in “The Ghostly Admirer” becoming quite the must have accessory and status symbol on the red carpet in Hollywood. With some celebrities now admired by long gone celebrities who are themselves no longer “in body” it seems that some ghosts still get a kick out of proximity to fame. Actually the 'Winslet Ghost' started something of a trend in that regard. The Celebrity ghost is not something celebrities usually discuss with the media for obvious reasons but from celebrity to celebrity it can be something they do privately tend to boast about a bit”.

In many ways the celebrity admiring ghost phenomena mirrors life. Although up to this point however there has been no suggestion that the ghosts represent any actual danger to the celebrities themselves.

Police and Fire Brigade investigations into the source of the fire at the Winslet Cottage at Camelot Castle Tintagel continue.

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