Helps Keep the Fires Burning and Passion Alive in Marriages

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Hope Springs shows why women of all ages crave to stay tuned in and turned on with their partner.

The movie Hope Springs shows us what can happen when a longtime marriage loses its passion, intimacy and desire. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones as Kay and Arnold, a Midwestern couple with two grown children, have been married more than 30 years. Their relationship has been paralyzed by years of neglect and boring routines. Seeking to revive their intimacy, Kay schedules a week of intensive couples therapy in Maine with a counselor named Dr. Feld, played by Steve Carell.

Ande Lyons, Founder and Chief Passion Curator of, states: “Hope Springs illustrates exactly why I created Long term committed partners, husbands and wives must make the time to turn off the world and focus exclusively on each other. We need to lock the bedroom door and really tune in to our beloveds. By sharing sensual pleasure we can keep deepening the intimacy –the love –the erotic connection.”

In iVillage’s 2012 National Married Sex survey, 75 percent of wives said a healthy sex life is important to them. "This research sets the record straight: married women definitely value good sex in their relationships," said Liz Zack, editorial director of Love and Sex at iVillage. But despite the fact that most married women value sex, the survey also found that two thirds would rather do something else other than get it on, such as go to the spa, watch a movie, use Facebook or chat with friends.

“I understand the choices these wives are making,” said Lyons. “Through 24 years of marriage, staying intimately connected with my husband helped us weather some severe storms that are part of every long-term relationship. Working full time, raising kids, and juggling all the daily tasks of family, it’s easy to morph into becoming logistical strategists. I, too, found myself saying ‘not tonight honey’ way too often.”

Which is why Lyons went in search of the best tips, tools and resources to help keep the fires burning and passion alive in her marriage… and why she decided to help others do the same through her company, Bring Back Desire. “Women of all ages are benefiting from the wealth of resources at Bring Back Desire, from newlyweds to women in Kay Arnold’s age group.” Lyons added. “In simple terms, we help women get out of their heads and back into bed.”


Ande Lyons is the founder and CEO of Bring Back Desire – a playful, tasteful website where she shares tips, tools and resources with women who want more intimacy, sensual pleasure and sexual excitement in their lives. Her passion for bringing increased intimacy to others stems from her successful 26 year relationship with her darling husband. From conceiving past the age of 35, being “touched out” by toddlers, financial turmoil, health challenges, loss of parents, five moves in 9 years, and now teenagers… Ande has stayed committed to keeping the spark alive in her marriage… and she now shares her knowledge, resources and passion through Bring Back Desire. provides fast, easy and private access to the hottest romantic-erotic literature, products and accessories via a playful and secure web site, helping women around the world ignite their passion and desire… and achieve greater sexual fulfillment, intimacy and personal happiness.

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