Rescue 100 Orphans for Christmas

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The Orphan Foundation announces a crowdfunding program to help rescue 100 orphans by Christmas.

Rescue 100 Orphans for Christmas

The Orphan Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, announces the launch of a program to help rescue 100 orphans by Christmas. The foundation is using a crowdfunding site,, as a way of appealing to a broader audience. The foundation invites readers to share the stories of its first three adoption grants made in 2007, as well as view the statistics about the 163 million orphans abroad and in foster group homes in the United States.
    Joe DiDonato, Co-founder and President of the foundation said, "We are often asked how we could possibly hope to help 163 million orphans find loving homes." He went on to say that it surely continues to be a daunting task. However, the foundation's Co-founder, Dr. Tatiana DiDonato, tells a charming story that she hopes will help people understand.
    Dr. DiDonato said that "after the great tsunamis hit in Indonesia and Japan, an old man was spotted walking along the debris on shore. He was picking up starfish and throwing them into the ocean. A young boy asked him why he was wasting his time when there were 100,000's of starfish laying near death along the shore." As Dr. Tatiana DiDonato continued telling the story, she said that the old man reached down and grabbed another starfish and flung it into the ocean. He then turned to the boy and said, "that one will live."
    It's with that same singularity of purpose, that the foundation says it approaches the daunting task of rescuing the millions of orphaned children. Each time a grant is made to a low or middle-income adopting family, the foundation says it helps another child find a loving home.
    Co-Founder, Joe DiDonato tells of a wonderful family that his wife helped in their search for a child over 15 years ago. His wife was assisting a family who had flown from the United States to the Far East of Russia to meet an 11-month old girl. The young girl was not eligible for adoption after she was born because she had hepatitis. Dr. DiDonato kept re-ordering the lab tests, and finally they came back negative. She immediately contacted two adoption agencies that she was working with in Canada and the United States. Both specialized in helping "hard-to-place" children.
    The US agency said they had an interested family, and Dr. DiDonato made arrangements for the visit. But when the husband flew over to Russia from America, alone, Tatiana was worried about the family's sincerity. Tatiana decided to make the most of the trip, and took the potential father and the baby girl for a walk in a park near the orphanage. Dr. DiDonato said that the little girl was very quiet, but she continued smiling at both of them from her carriage as they walked in the shadows of the tall trees.
    Dr. DiDonato said she turned to the man and proclaimed, "If you don't adopt her, I will. She's a wonderful little girl!" Dr. DiDonato related that the man turned to her with confusion in his eyes, and said, "Do you think I would spend thousands of dollars and fly thousands of miles if I wasn't serious about adopting this beautiful little girl?" And in the end, he did adopt the little girl.
Dr. DiDonato said that it was a few years ago that they heard from the couple when they sent pictures of their family. "The mother was writing to tell us some sad news. The father had contracted cancer and he had only 6-8 months to live," Dr. DiDonato related. She went on to say that everyone was very sad, but they had not told their adopted daughter who was now 11 years old. "His wife said that they had told their older, biological son, but that her husband just couldn't bring himself to tell his "little angel," according to Dr. Tatiana DiDonato.
    It was two years later, when the co-founders finally heard back about the family. A friend of the family had let them know that the husband had just passed away, but that he had lived for two years beyond the time that the doctors gave him. Both co-founders think they know why. The family friend had related to them that the father just couldn't bring himself to leave his "little angel" alone, again.
    The co-founders said that this is only one of the many stories of love and devotion they've heard over the last decade. There are three more stories at, where the rescue project is listed. The foundation invites you to read them all, and then join them in this Christmas rescue project.

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