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Debt Settlement Attorneys or a Debt Settlement Attorney can help consumers with credit card lawsuits. Debt settlement attorneys aim to settle high credit card debt before creditors sue, or a debt settlement attorney will defend a consumer if a credit card lawsuit does occur. As court rooms are being flooded in 2012 with credit card lawsuits, Golden Financial Services announces this week that there is help available and a debt settlement attorney can assist on these cases.

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According to a civil court judge in Brooklyn, "approximately 90% of credit card lawsuits are flawed. Therefore debt settlement attorneys can help to get credit card lawsuits dismissed.

According to Golden Financial Services and at the site “No More Credit Cards", "there have been many cases where collection agencies in the United States are filing lawsuits with incomplete records, false information and generic testimonies."

Debt settlement attorneys can assist consumers with paying off high credit card debt and with getting these types of erroneous lawsuits dismissed.

Golden Financial Services said "sure consumers owe the debt, but the collection agencies are often violating consumer’s rights and not collecting in compliance with the law. Consumers will receive lawsuits showing that they owe thousands of dollars more than they really owe due to an astronomically high amount of interest and fees being added on. A debt settlement attorney will demand and enforce that collection agencies attempt to collect the accurate amount owed."

According to an article in the The New York Times, "lenders, the judges said, are churning out lawsuits without regard for accuracy, and improperly collecting debts from consumers." A debt settlement attorney can defend a client on these types of cases so that lawsuits get dismissed.

Currently 95% of lawsuits result in default judgments where consumers will then have their wages garnished. Debt settlement lawyers can protect consumers so that this does not have to happen.

Ruth Adorno, a manager at Golden Financial Services said "the main reason that default judgments take place is because consumers will not show up to court most of the time when they are issued a credit card lawsuit. When consumers skip court that is basically an automatic win for the creditor, where a default judgment can be issued and wages can be garnished."

However, when consumers hire debt settlement companies or an attorney for debt settlement to represent them, a full A-Z response is sent to the creditor where they must now respond. Creditors have trouble with providing accurate information most of the time, where the lawsuit will often be dismissed and going back to the hands of the collection agency to continue with their collection process.

Whenever a lawsuit occurs if a consumer is enrolled on a debt negotiation program, a debt settlement attorney will immediately start working to get the lawsuit dismissed, so that negotiations can successfully continue on the program.

A recent article in “Newser” stated, “looks like mortgage foreclosures aren't the only things banks "robo-signed." A glut of credit card lawsuits is revealing that card issuers have the same tendency to use shoddy, incomplete, or erroneous documents against clients, the New York Times reports.”

Golden Financial Services later said that "credit card lawsuits have been filed against clients by the major banks including American Express, Chase, Citigroup, and Discover."

State regulators, debt settlement attorneys and dozens of judges are saying” evidence is atrocious, and includes mass-produced documents or flat-out falsified ones.”

Golden Financial Services often enrolls consumers onto the debt settlement program that have over $50,000.00 worth of high interest credit card debt and sometimes have a lawsuit on one or two of their cards. Consumers with situations like this will need an attorney to assist them.

Golden Financial Services stated “less than 1% of our clients receive default judgments from credit card lawsuits. The debt settlement attorneys that we match our clients with have great success with getting lawsuits dismissed.”

Golden Financial Services then stated that “we set consumers up on aggressive debt negotiation plans. Every client is matched with a state and federal lawyer ensuring that if lawsuits do occur, consumers get the proper defense that they need. The idea is to set the consumer up with an aggressive plan where the chance of getting a lawsuit is minimized, but if lawsuits do occur, consumers have a debt settlement attorney to provide them with the necessary defense.

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