Don't be a Statistic in Life; Take Action and Find Life's Purpose Today

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The perfect life, career and financial success is life's big dream. This week challenges the public to start creating a life of real purpose and success. It's time to take action and make things happen.'s Free Thinking Renegade Awareness Month has just tipped over the half way mark for its 31 day campaign to help build awareness around the career and financial stress the globe is continuing to suffer with. The ideal result behind this awareness month is to help people gain a new sense worth, purpose and/or happiness in their lives. It’s all part of FTRNations desire to make a truly powerful difference in the world and help people succeed without boundaries (in everything they do). As with everything it has to start somewhere.

In week one, FTRNation revealed some shocking stats and emotions with their 3 part Career Stress Blog and Video Series (presented by Author and Motivational Speaker, Brian Grasso).
One person (James D) responded to one of these posts saying: “I am making baby steps in the direction of doing what fulfils me, and that causes fear. But the feeling of dying inside each day and doing a job that is mind-numbing makes the fear far less.”

Others shared James’ sentiment, with the nation included. The nation stands behind James and all engaged/non-engaged visitors to their site, to let them know that they are not alone in these fears either.

In fact, Brian Grasso (also founder of FTRNation) said that “these fears shared by James are just 2 of many expressed by others. Some choose to be private with their expressions. But it’s amazing to hear how many stories are similar.”

Some people have bared their souls about just how long they’ve been suffering with their issues, Career and Financial alike. Some have worked more than 60 hours per week without overtime for years and years not to get a raise, to then also lose their families, their homes and their dignity. Others have the best jobs in the world but the worst issues with overspending to compensate for little happiness. It all leads to the same place…

Misery, depression, confusion , frustration and all in out emotional distress.

So what is the goal for this weeks FTRNation Blog and Video Series… Finding purpose and happiness.

More specifically: To evade the statistical backdrop that defines our lives by numbers such as how many working hours we spend over the amount we are paid for, how many bills are outstanding, how many dollars in debt we are, how many years of depression we have suffered through, how many people we’ve lost, how many opportunities we’ve passed that we shouldn’t have etc.

“If someone wishes more success in life, they need to stop making excuses and start making plans” says Grasso. Self soothing with pharmaceuticals, street drugs, gambling or alcohol are not the answer. Following the “do that and it will all be better” guru’s – will only serve as a band-aid. Not getting down to the root causes and healing our pains, forgiving ourselves and committing to change are a serious detriment.

According to Brian he and the motivating team at FTRNation are "completely aware that it can be downright debilitating / depressing to look at one’s life as a list of stats or numbers. It sure does put things in a new light. But this is only one stage of the process.”

Grasso said that seeing his own life by numbers was one of the single most effective things he had ever done in his entire life. He realized that what he revealed was going to sit there as a horrible reminder and not a means to an end unless it was truly analyzed at face value and compared to the life he was currently living or complaining about not having. This is why he decided to create the mini-documentary Life By Numbers. It's a incredibly profound way to view life.

It may sound foreign to many but when one looks at their life by numbers they start to see how certain experiences changed our life path, hold us back or followed us like a giant shadow without even knowing it. You start to learn patterns. You discover commonalities. With this new light, you simply move into a place of true awareness.

FTRNation started with Career and Finance this month because these are two of the most stressful situations in most people’s lives and as a result, a great motivator to address the bigger picture.

Finding the purpose of life that matters most to each individual is paramount.
In this weeks blog posts Brian digs a little deeper with hopes to get us all closer to this end results.

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