In the Bed Bug Numbers Game, the East Coast is Coming in First

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Why bed bugs numbers are growing in the tri-state area, and what Alan Constantino of Alco Pest NY wants us to do about it.

"We need to educate ourselves on the [bed bug] problem in order to best deal with it.”

Bed bugs on the East Coast have no intention of slowing down these days. According to Mother Nature News, bed bugs are still more than prevalent in Philadelphia, Manhattan and other nearby cities. One terminator company collected data from its 300 nation-wide branches, and the city rankings were determined by looking at data from terminators as well as customers. Philadelphia came in first, with Cincinnati in second place, and NYC in third. Chicago and Detroit come in fourth and fifth, with Washington, Columbus, San Francisco, Denver, and New Haven coming in after. According to Alan Constantino of Alco Pest, bed bugs can live up to one and a half years without eating, which means that these tenacious creatures can last forever, breeding, multiplying and sticking around until kingdom come.

Even if New York did not take the “first prize” in bed bug quantity, it does not mean that city-dwellers can rest on their laurels and assume that they are scott-free. Reason being, bed bugs are incredibly social creatures. How does that affect residents? Very simple. The bugs will seek each other out, multiplying, and finding refuge in mattresses, passing from state to state on an unsuspecting person's luggage or clothing, and quickly cross borders to make their presence felt. New York City's MTA have reported that at least five subway benches had bed bugs sharing the seats with passengers. When questioned, Alan said that “because of this (socializing tendency), terminators and residents, need to remain vigilant when dealing with bed bugs in NYC.

What is the best way to do just that? According to Alan, “People need to educate themselves on the problem in order to best deal with it.” He adds that when looking for signs of infestation, “do not automatically assume that any bite-like mark is a bed bug bite.” Instead, Constantino recommends paying attention to how one feels in the morning. If a person is consistently noticing bite marks on his body when waking up, and they were not there the day before, there may be some unwelcome guests in the bed and there may be a need for bed bug extermination.

If one does have a bed bug infestation, getting rid of the mattress is the best way to eliminate a large portion of the bed bugs in the home. Bed bugs also happen to be teetotalers, so if a person has any rubbing alcohol on hand, it can be helpful to spray it on any eggs or insects found. These critters hate extreme temperatures. So, by leaving the infected mattress out in the hot sun all day, or in the cold wind, the bugs will drop like fallen soldiers. If there are no bite marks or bug sightings for over 60 days, it can be assumed that the bed bugs are gone and that the once-infected home is free for the time being.

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