Provides Tips on Maintaining the Perfect Hem in Men's Pants

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Giovanni Marquez shares his knowledge in mens wear along with mens shoes by providing tips on keeping your hem intact when putting on your shoes. not only sells clothes but also assists any and every customer on taking care of their wardrobe.

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Confort Shoes by Giovanni Marquez

If the pant hem has been breached even a little, mend it before you crack your head on the side of a dresser!

It's been more than two decades since mono-filament thread was introduced into the mens wear industry. Used mostly by tailors to hem slacks or to shape shirts for men as part of an alteration service, mono-filament thread has been replaced again by cotton thread. Cotton thread is light, conforming enhances the overall style and feel of fashion mens wear. The downside according to Giovanni Marquez of is that cotton thread breaks more easily than monofilament and may cause the occasional calamity of a man catching his foot in an open hem; then bounce around the room on his free leg trying to avoid cracking his head on the corner of their dresser. Does anyone have a camera?

Giovanni Marquez addressed this issue in fashion tip #24. "If the pant hem has been breached even a little; mend it before you crack your head on the side of a dresser! Knowing how to use a needle and thread is not rocket science. Sewing five or six stitches along a hem beforehand offers immeasurable safety over bouncing from wall to wall after your foot is stuck." We know this has happened to you because it has happened to all of us. The first time may be a surprise, but the second time is inexcusable. Perhaps men believe no one will notice because it's on the inside. Often an unsown hem creates a pocket that fills with air and a man can look like he has a wooden leg. But that's not the worst of it.

The most awful of all is the man who first puts on his shoes. What are you thinking? Why would you put on socks and shoes and then your pants? Imagine driving a new Italian made Confort Shoe by Giovanni Marquez straight into the gap. One can hear the hem threads breaking. Once firmly lodged, removing the shoe out would take an act of Congress. Mens clothes remain the sum of their parts. A beautiful shirt is complimented by good-looking slacks and in turn enhanced by striking mens shoes. The unraveling of any one part is the unraveling of all the parts.

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