Radiant Barrier Installation for Attics Saves Energy Dollars - Now Available in Westchester County, NY

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Homeowner’s attics are the number one area responsible for unwanted heat loss or gain. New non-toxic insulation installed by Westchester Energy Solutions Inc.can cut energy bills by 30%.

Homeowners interested in energy savings should be aware that the attic is the number one area for unwanted heat loss and gain in the home. Greg Mann, owner of Westchester Energy Solutions Inc. says, “Imagine walking barefoot on a concrete sidewalk that has baked in the sun all day. Ouch! Now imagine walking barefoot on concrete that is in the shade. Cool. The shade acts as a radiant barrier, deflecting the sun. And that is the same principle that allows attic roofs with radiant barriers to keep the attic and house space below cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, saving the homeowner in energy costs.”

Greg Mann and his company Westchester Energy Solutions install the thin foil membrane that reflects heat in attics and crawl spaces and can cut energy bills by 30%. By stopping over 97% of unwanted energy transfer, the heat stays out in the summer and in during cold weather. The barrier never needs replacing or maintenance and is free of dangerous fibers, allergens, and gases. It will pay for itself faster than almost any other home improvements.

Clients have been extremely enthusiastic about the dollars they have saved after having the radiant barrier installed. Restaurant co-owner Sal Barone, of Augie’s Prime Cut in Mohegan Lake says, “I'm a home builder. For my restaurant, the radiant barrier was the best thing for my attic. The attic fan runs on a thermostat and is running a lot less. After installing the radiant barrier, I made an office in the attic. Last year, you couldn't go up in the attic on a hot day, candles would melt in their boxes, and now it is quite comfortable! My cooling bill is $500 less a month!” Videos here: http://www.twifties.tv/video.php?id=186 and http://www.twifties.tv/video.php?id=185

Another customer, Pat D., a personal trainer in Mahopac, says he watched the program “Dual Survival” on TV and got interested in the radiant barrier.

“They had a piece hanging in the cave and with a fire outside, and they were able to keep the cave at 70 degrees in a harsh winter environment. I saw a company that installs radiant barriers at a home show, and I got quoted a price of $7500. I had the radiant barrier installed by Westchester Energy Solutions for less than half that. The radiant barrier in my attic has cut my hot weather electric bill in half. My house can now be cooled down to 68 degrees with air conditioning, even though I have high ceilings and a lot of windows and. Last month my a/c bill was only $95 for the month and it used to be well in the hundreds.” Video here: http://www.twifties.tv/video.php?id=184 and http://www.twifties.tv/video.php?id=183

The radiant barrier is non-toxic and there is no off-gassing as in some other forms of insulation. Along with the energy savings, this makes it a true green solution for homes. Westchester Energy Solutions does installations in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Nassau and other counties. Contact Westchester Energy Solutions Inc.at 914 760-4858.

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