Sport Stars Maybe at Risk Announces ZEON Healthcare

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Sounded like all fun and games this season as sport fanatics took part in games and activities during the summer period. However what should have seemed  like a healthy way to stay active could potentially result in an unhealthy outcome.

"Athletes foot affects...21% of the UK population"

As the warm season approached, naturally the time had come to shape up for summer & get more involved with fun team activities. Gym memberships were made, pre-training began and outdoor sports became a trend once again. In essence a great workout and athletic games should have provided a sense of  health and wellbeing– but unfortunately hidden skin deep are germs that can potentially contradict the healthy element.
Getting involved in sports and fitness may entail sharing changing facilities with others, a risk of injury to the nails, sweaty feet or contaminated shoes– all of which are common risk factors in developing athletes foot.
Athletes foot affects a wide population from young teenagers to the late middle aged, with at least 21% of the UK population suffering from this problem (Novartis Consumer Health)– not to anyone’s surprise those involved in sports are more likely to be affected. Fungus, bacteria and viruses can all cause severe athletes foot, also known as a foot infection– not dealt with quickly, the infection can spread to toe nails causing them to become yellow, dry and crumbly.
Foot infections alone can cause discomfort and look extremely unpleasant as dry and flaky rashes form on the bottom or side of the feet. Scratching  the infected skin prior to touching other parts of the body can further spread the infection– therefore care is required.
The ClearZal BAC & ClearZal Foot Cleanser has been specifically launched to kill 99.9% of germs that may cause infections as well as safe guarding the feet from further infections. The unique formula used in both products contains a powerful anti-fungal ingredient designed to kill ALL fungus, bacteria and viruses which may cause infections including athletes foot.
The ClearZal BAC and ClearZal Foot Cleanser together combined provides a great foot care regime to help kill and keep away foot and nail infections.
Christian Hankins, ZEON Healthcare spokesman said “Those most at risk of contracting a nail infection are the elderly and people who participate in sports and outdoor activities. Sweat creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus, bacteria and viruses, making the development of both Athlete’s foot and nail infections much more likely... ClearZal® BAC kills all of the germs which may cause nail infections. It should be part of everyone’s daily foot care regime, particularly those at risk, to ensure a nail infection never develops.”

Available to purchase at http://www.zeonhealthcare .com

ClearZal- The Clear Solution for Healthy Feet & Nails

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