Huffington Post Union of Bloggers Reports: Mitt Romney Denounces Daniel Bruno's Wind Turbine Concept Car

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Inventor Daniel Bruno unveils renewable energy concept car while Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney dismisses U.S. Patent 13/419,953 wind turbine electric car as impractical; urges accelerated consumption of fossil fuels instead.

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" can't have a car with a windmill on it"

American inventor Daniel Bruno has designed a wind turbine automobile to help solve the
climate crisis and was granted patent 13/419,953 by the United States Patent Office in Washington, D.C.

    Inquires from engineers, manufacturers and the press are welcome.

    This is a simple description of the car's wind turbine mechanics:

    A wind turbine is attached to rear of vehicle and held down in a horizontal position below the roof by springs. A piston mechanism to resist the springs’ downward force is connected to the driver’s brake pedal via hydraulic brake lines. When the brake is applied, pressure from the driver’s foot increases to overcome the spring pressure and the wind resistance as the propeller is raised to the vertical position. In the process, the blades spin and torque is applied via universal joints to a generator that creates electric power. The large, raised fan helps stop the vehicle and the wind turbine retracts as the pedal pressure falls.

    The Huffington Post Union of Bloggers web site has published the first details of the car turbine patent here:

A computer model of the wind turbine shows that under average conditions, Bruno's invention could extend the Chevy Volt's lithium battery range by 50% between re-charges.

The Huffington Post Union of Bloggers is reporting that Mitt Romney was asked about renewable energy automobiles such as Daniel Bruno's wind turbine car and promptly dismissed the idea, saying that "You can't drive a car with a windmill on it."

According to the LA Times print edition, speaking in Oskaloosa, Iowa on August 14, President Obama chided Romney for disparaging renewable energy technology and used Romney's 2012 remarks about windmills on cars to remind voters about the dog on car roof incident that caused a media sensation in Massachusetts in 1983. Romney's dog Seamus was tied up for hours on top of Romney's sedan during an election road trip. Dog lovers were outraged.

The Huffington Post Union of Bloggers contacted Daniel Bruno by telephone about Romney's remarks and quoted him as saying that "you cant drive a car with an oil well on it either. The Greenland ice sheet has melted away and July was the warmest month in recorded history. Government policies that espouse further increases in fossil fuel consumption are the real threat to national security and will surely bring on a climate catastrophe in our lifetime. "

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